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Wolf Dragoons
General Overview
Faction Mercenary
Capital Outreach
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Wolf's Dragoons comprised of the elite of Wolf's Dragoons, who are themselves the elite of all mercenaries and the Inner Sphere.

Alpha Regiment has long served as the Dragoons' high profile unit, with the best equipment, the finest officers, vast support and fresh paint jobs. Originally nicknamed First Team and later The Dire Wolves, Alpha Regiment is given the highest profile assignments that guarantee the most media coverage, the better to distract the public from the discreet operations of the other Dragoon units. With attached Infantry, Armor and Aerospace Fighter units, plus ample DropShip and JumpShip transport, Alpha Regiment clearly embodies the Combined Arms Doctrine championed by Colonel Jaime Wolf's Dragoons. Colonel Wolf himself commanded Alpha for over forty years before turning command over to Kelly Yukinov, who had served as his second-in-command for nearly twenty years. This did not lessen Alpha's quality, however, as it continued to maintain the highest standards and professionalism. It was in Alpha that the best 'Mechs the Dragoons could field would be found.


Wolf's Dragoons have certainly left their mark on the Inner Sphere. Their home of Outreach essentially serves as the mercenary hub for each of the Houses and as a result they have some sway when dealing with the major players of interstellar politics.

Armed Forces[]

Each House and faction have unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others. BattleMechs often found in service with the Wolf Dragoons:

Marauder II


Player Affiliated Units[]

Wolf's Dragoons affiliated online units;

To add your Wolf's Dragoons unit to this list, use this form and enter Wolf's Dragoons in the faction field.

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ISN News Updates[]

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