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This wiki has ~150 templates. One can't expect to know them all, especially from newer editors. Additionally, most of the templates are not even documented and the source-code needs to be read to get a clue what they do, which isn't a prob with the few smaller ones, but it's neither fun nor productive.

This might give an orientation - and help find the unused/outdated/obsolete stuff. And it's not strictly about templates only, but getting related links/pages/categories in one convenient place together.

This is somehow related to Index and Media.

Template defines
Place Holder Stub
Cleanup Cleanup
WIP Work In Progress
No Content - keep reader from adding content to category-pages;
directs to associated page
Template substitute
CB Cbill.png 
MC MC.png 
Warning Warning.png
cquote centered quotes
H:title info
Info Info.png
Lorem Ipsum creates blind text
Do they make sense? Only usage: Release Notes
summary tables/compendia

not used at all

Broken[edit source]

wiki[edit source]


  • units choose a 'primary language' from a drop-down menu, which is filled by pages, being member of Category:First Language.
  • Template:Primary Speech just generates a warning-box, should be added to 'category:language'
  • Category:Speech holds all languages as a sub-category, each sub-category holds all units of that tongue.
  • quite confusing, find time to make better

Introducing myself as the new Wiki Manager[edit source]

Hi, this is just to let you know that I am taking over as your Wiki Manager. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.