MechWarrior Online Wiki

Our clan name is The Art of Warfare (TAW), we are an international online gaming community of more than 2100+ dedicated gamers, for more information or to apply please visit

The main language is English and we have battalions for each timezone, NA/EU and OC, practices are at reasonable times and we encourage more people to join so that our members can play as a team rather than with "headless chickens"

We added MWO into TAW in December 2012, and have already grown this division to 45 new members, with more people joining every day.

(Existing TAW members are only allowed to transfer across when the game is released, cmon devs release the game)

We can never get to big, because we have the structures in place to accomodate as many people as we want, this includes our own TS server (, wikis, forums, command structure, battalions for each timezone, badges, medals etc. (To view this link you will have to register on our website or it will return an error)

In the last month we have added 6 new training instructors to help explain strategy, tactics, builds, weapon groupings etc. to ensure our players follow a consistent approach, work as a team, use efficient and effective loadouts and play to have fun.

The prime directives in TAW are playing to have fun, mutual respect for each other and real life comes first.

We have our own specialised software which manages all the events for all our games, notifies members of event times in their own timezones, allows for a simple excusal system, marks attendance and allows for awarding of rank, badges, unit assignments etc.

We have our own command structure, and all of our staff are volunteers, the ranks allow for greater responsibility in the effective discharge of duties, they are not there for people to bark orders at others, but are there to provide organisation and structure.

Ranks are not restricted based on time served, anyone can advance with the right motivation, available time and ability, everyone follows the same recruitment process, from application, introduction, bootcamp to explain rules and set new recruits up on TAW TS and TAW website.

Once you have completed 4 practices, you are promoted to private first class and you can step up to additional ranks, at present we are looking for more 4 man fire team leaders, squad leaders, field specialists for the NA and EU battalions and more OC command staff.