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Hello, I've been active in the Mech Warrior community since the announcement of Mech Warrior Online back in 2009. While I've been with the mech warrior community I have created the Mech Weapon Stats excel spreadsheet for the 3.1 free release of Mech Warrior 4; which organizes the many weapons in MW4 into categories such as weight and damage, making it easier to compare the pros and cons of each weapon. I plan to make one of these spreadsheets for MWO when it comes out this summer as well.

I am a member of a professional and helpful group of players known as The Remnant. The Remnant is a Mercenary Corporation dedicated to fighting with honor, courage, and skill. If you would like more information about The Remnant please visit my profile page

Awards[edit | edit source]

Awarded for numerous contributions for 2012