Universal Socio-Industrial Index Rating

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The Universal Socio-Industrial Index Rating (aka Socio-Industrial Level or USIIR) is a five-letter code used to provide general statistics regarding a settled world.

Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Relative to the population (currently present at the time of the rating's application), each system is rated by a five letter code (descending order: A, B, C, D, F), which describes the condition of the world in five specific categories:

  • Technological Sophistication - general level of common technology present amongst the population
  • Industrial Development - level of development of an average industrial complex
  • Raw Material Dependence
  • Industrial Output - general quantity figure, describing the number of factories actually present upon the world, without commenting on the level of sophistication
  • Agricultural Dependence

Rating Technological Sophistication Industrial Development Raw Material Dependence Industrial Output Agricultural Dependence
A High-tech world Heavily industrialized Fully self-sufficient High Output Breadbasket
B Advanced world Moderately industrialized Mostly self-sufficient Good output Abundant world
C Moderately advanced world Basic heavy industry Self-sustaining Limited output Modest agriculture
D Low-tech world Low industrialization Dependent Negligible output Poor agriculture
F Primitive world No industrialization Heavily dependent No output "Barren" world

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