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Faction: FRR
First Officer: DAEDALOS513 & COLOSOS
2nd Officer: V O L T R O N (aka Psycho Icon)
Established: April, 2015
Com Star
HPG Node: http://mj12.enjin.com

Majestic12 [MJ12] was founded in April of 2015 by two brothers of Greek descent, Daedalos513 and Colosos. Both hailed from a humble but proud MWO unit called the 1st Rasalhague Dragonregimentë. After about a year and a half of loyal service to the 1RDR the brothers couldn't help but notice that activity had started to dwindle and that it was suffering from a slow but inevitable, demise. They decided to take what they had learned and founded their own unit. Keeping loyal to the IS side and the FRR faction, Majestic12 was born.

The third and fourth members (Commadar and Spartakos78) were also of Greek descent and as of today our skilled pilots comprise nationalities from all over the world. Our membership number hovers around the 55 mark.. all of which have been carefully hand-picked, are skillful and most importantly friendly people. One thing the brothers learned is that what makes for a tight-knit unit that is also enjoyable to be a part of is not only by excelling in skill but also by treating your unit mates like family. Being patient, having an open mind to others views and opinions and being polite and courteous at the same time (to members and opponents alike) is key to being MJ12 material. We like to say we win with style and as a unit we recruit players that not only have skill and experience but who are mature, calm, level-headed and are ready to accept constructive criticism all the while learning from not only victories but from defeats as well.

Among some of our accomplishments we have won a 1st place victory in MRBC's European - Division D, having been a driving force behind the FRR faction taking 1st place on the IS side during the battle of Tukayyid 2 in 2016, and more recently, coming in 1st place under the Clan banner of Smoke Jaguars and conquering Tukayyid 3. We were in the most winning-est clan faction and the top unit in that faction. Also, having dipped our metallic toes into the comp scene once more, MJ12 proudly secured a championship win in the 2019 Martial Olympiad Reborn (MOR) 8v8 European Div B league tournament. Being led by the intrepid Texan Scrub Lord with his unfailing strategies and vast knowledge of all things stompy, and with only one loss throughout the competition... victory was a foregone conclusion.

A bit more controversial but I believe still valid accomplishments.. MJ12 also founded two 'comp' sub-units called [JINX] in 2017 and [OOPS] in May, 2019. Both these units comprised players that were brought together under the MJ12 banner and who subsequently formed their own competitive teams to perform in the various leagues and competitions. As is human nature, through their hard work and dedication to their comp team and the comp scene, these players formed a strong bond separate from the unit, subsequently leaving us to form their own units. The reason's given for their departure varied, including 'they wanted to form a more exclusive and elite unit' or 'we don't see eye to eye on opinions'. Some just left because they were sad the family had been broken up for no real reason and went to find greener pastures elsewhere. Bottom line and in my view, MWO (and video games in general) have a way of dividing players between competitive (those that run mostly meta and play to win) and players that are more casual. As a unit founder I try to bring a little of both into our unit.. not only do you have to be a skilled pilot but also a friendly and courteous human being to become an MJ. Sometimes those worlds collide horribly, but when it works, it works great and this is what I attribute to MJ12's continued and thriving existence!

Having a great and friendly reputation within the MWO community is something this unit is very proud of. After all is said and done, we are all here to have a good time and to forget the worries of RL; and although we've come pretty far, we are very eager to see where fate will lead us next!