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Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Clan Jade Falcon
First Officer: Crash
2nd Officer: Seth
Established: 1993
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.clanjadefalcon.com

It is speculated that the Clans will make an appearance in mechwarrior online. As part of the first wave in the invasion force that tore its way through the Innersphere it is likely they will be one of the first Clans encountered by players, especially those in the Lyran regions of space.


"We are Jade Falcon. Great among the Clans, We are warriors who fight with the strength of the Falcons claw and ascend to the heavens on the wings of the same. We remember with the clarity the falcons fight for the words of Kerensky, through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his chosen, and urges us onward with the promise of Eden. We will retake what is ours by right, that shining jewel Terra. Not the vastness of space nor the Wolf’s obstinate howl will stay us from our righteous goal. We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!"


As an online unit, we have existed for over 18 years and played in multiple versions of Mechwarrior. This clan was formed in 1993 and began playing MPBT on AOL. Since then, we have been active in MechWarrior 2, 3 and 4. We are looking forward now to the release of MechWarrior Online. We are looking for new warriors to join us as we prepare to lead the Clans back to the Inner Sphere and re-establish the Star League! We are crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!


Each House and Faction have unique industrial aspects and tactics that results in some equipment being more common with them than others.


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