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Disposition: Mercenary
Faction: House Davion
Com Star
HPG Node: http://4thCavDivOnline.forumotion.com

It is speculated that the Clans will make an appearance in mechwarrior online. As part of the first wave in the invasion force that tore its way through the Innersphere it is likely they will be one of the first Clans encountered by players, especially those in the Lyran regions of space.





Player Affiliated Units

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ISN News Updates

This is an archive of all the Clan invasion timeline. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order. {{#ask: |?Clansmen |?Date |sort=Date |order=descending |mainlabel=Invasion Timeline |format=broadtable |offset=0 |limit=500 }}