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Module Overview
Module uav.png
Type: Consumable 
Unlock? No
Description: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle used for reconnaissance with a 240m radius and lasts for 45 seconds. Consumed on use.
Cost: Cbill.png 40,000  

==Overview==--ZMustang (talk) 19:02, 29 April 2014 (UTC) With a UAV module equipped, you can press Insert to launch a UAV into the air, 150 m directly above you.

The UAV will automatically target all enemy Mechs that come within its sensor radius; this information will be shared to your team

A UAV will not launch if there is insufficient clearance above you

The UAV can target Mechs that are shielded by ECM and will share this with your team

Like other shared enemy information, friendly Mechs blocked by ECM will not be able to receive this

A UAV will be destroyed after taking a cumulative 10 damage. The UAV will self-destruct after being in the air for a certain length of time

Destroying an enemy UAV is worth 50 XP[1]

Pilot Lab[]

  • Training UAV Upgrade will increase the range of the UAV to roughly 300m (+25%).
  • Training Improved UAV will enable the UAV to last a total of 60 seconds.
  1. Patch Number: 1.2.223