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|Noble Ruler= N/A
|Star Type (Recharge Time)= Binary
|Position in System= 2
|Time to Jump Point= 22.8 days
|Number of Satellites= 0
|Surface Gravity= 0.95
|Atm. Pressure= Thin (Non-Breathable)
|Ambient Temperature= 97° C
|Surface Water= 0 percent
|Recharging Station= N/A
|HPG Class Type= N/A
|Highest Native Life= None
|Population= 0
|Socio-Industrial Levels= N/A

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Planetary Data
Ambient Temperature: 97° C 
Surface Gravity: 0.95 
Atm. Pressure: Thin (Non-Breathable) 
Number of Satellites:
Surface Water: 0 percent 
Stellar Data
Star Type (Recharge Time): Binary 
Position in System:
Time to Jump Point: 22.8 days 
Recharging Station: N/A 
Sociopolitical Data
Noble Ruler: N/A 
Socio-Industrial Levels: N/A 
HPG Class Type: N/A 
Highest Native Life: None 

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tourmaline Desert features huge black tourmaline crystals ans a derelict Mammoth cargo carrier. Tourmaline Desert is a hot map with an ambient temperature of 97 C and is one of Mechwarrior Online's large maps

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

  • The base's are Located in B8 and G3
  • Conquest mode features additional capture areas in D3, E5 and G7
  • The Derelict dropship in F5 is known as the "ring" or the "stargate"

Commanders Guide[edit | edit source]

  • A typical opening strategy on this map is to move to the derelict dropship.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Use chain fire to make heat management easier.
  • Take care when moving across open areas.

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