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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Taurian Concordat News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Taurian Concordat Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Taurian Civilian authorities voice displeasure as Thomas Calderon continues reconnaissance probes across FedCom border. Thomas Calderon 3048-10-14
Rumors spike over another alleged Felix Calderon sighting; today marks second anniversary of his ship’s disappearance. Felix Calderon 3048-11-30
Investigation underway over disappearance of prospecting DropShip attached to a Taurus Majoris Mining mobile refinery. 3049-04-25
Immigrants sue Ecole Militaire over “biased admission procedures”; Concordat’s premier academy is 90% natives. 3049-06-26
Taurian’s unite as one tomorrow watching highlight of this year’s Concordat Games to see who’ll grab Defenders’ title. 3049-07-08
An architectural wonder, Pinard Protectorates’ facilities scattered across four islands, is a Taurian success story. 3049-09-19

Player Affiliated Units[]

Taurian Concordat affiliated online units;

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