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Hunchback IIC

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A retrofit of a the Innersphere [[Hunchback]] design, for when one AC20 isn't enough, two Clan Ultra AC20's will do. Any pilot using this in an Urban environment should expect Innersphere tears very quickly. However, the design has a meager 6 tons of armor, so it will die very fast.
== Description ==
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The Hunchback IIC is a medium 50 ton [[Clans|Clan]] BattleMech based on the [[Inner Sphere]] [[Hunchback]], but designed entirely using Clan technology. The Clans also added Jump Jets. Although it is a Clan 'Mech, it is not an [[OmniMech]], so it does not have OmniPods.
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==Mechwarrior Online==
* This mech will appear in [[MWO]] on the 15 of December, 2015.
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