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Creative Director: Bryan Ekman

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Let’s see, where to start. I’ve been in the industry since 1998. My first title was The Red Odyssey an expansion pack for the venerable Activision game, BattleZone. Two years later I met up with my now partner in crime, Russ Bullock. At the time we were working on a little known Half-Life mod called Nakatomi Plaza. After receiving a cease and desist letter from Fox Interactive, we decided to try and leverage what we had by turning it into a legitimate product. Three demos and eight months later, we had a signed deal with Fox to make Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza, our first title under the Piranha Games brand. Since its inception in 2000, we have worked on dozens of titles for a variety of platforms including Need For Speed, Transformers, Duke Nukem Forever, and MechWarrior Online.<ref>[ Dev Interview 3]</ref>
===DeveloperMeet Q&Athe Developer===
[ Developer Interview 3 - David Bradley, Bryan Ekman, Paul Inouye]: - 11 January 2012
===Developer Blog===
[ Dev Blog 2 - Information Warfare] 4 January 2012
===Developer Q&A===
[ Battletech Developer Interview] - 29 December, 2011
Contact Bryan Eckman on the MWO Forums [ here].
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