Short Range Missile 2

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Equipment Overview
Short Range Missile 2 
Tech Base: Inner Sphere 
Equipment Type: Missile Weapon 
Tonnage: 1 tons
Ammo per Ton: 100 
Critical Slots: 1  
Item Health: 10  
Cost: Cbill.png 20,000  
Sell: Cbill.png 10,000  
Equipment Specifications
Recycle: 2.5
Damage: 4.3 
DPS: 1.72
Heat: 2
HPS: 0.8
Range: 270m 
Maximum Range: 270m
Projectile Velocity: 300
Projectile Spread: 4.8
Impulse: 0.11
Cockpit Shake: 0.473
Heat Scaling: 4



Overview[edit | edit source]

The SRM 2 fires two "non-locking" missiles at high velocity. SRMs will explode in mid-air at max range, meaning that they are strictly limited to targets inside of 270m.

The SRM 2 provides a decent boost for lighter mechs looking for an increase in firepower without sacrificing too much weight. SRM's do 2.15 points of damage per missile so each SRM 2 salvo can potentially do up to 4.3 points of damage. The SRM 2 has a faster recycle time and tighter spread than the more popular SRM 6 and SRM 4 and is subject to Heat Scaling if more than 5 or more are fired. Generally, missiles are ideal for doing Critical Damage because each warhead has a separate chance of achieving a Critical hit.

Artemis[edit | edit source]

The Artemis IV FCS upgrade decreases the spread of missiles by 20%. However, each launcher requires an extra critical space for the Artemis control system and weigh an additional ton. Additionally, ammunition costs double.

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