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All BattleMechs have sensors that allow them to target and track friendly and enemy targets. All Mechs have a standard sensor range of 800m[1]. Some equipment and modules can boost the range of your sensors and are discussed farther below. Sensors require a line of sight to detect contacts. The only 'Mechs you can detect are those within the front 120* of your field of view, except for 'Mechs equipped with the 360* Target Retention Module. Enemies will be displayed on your map as red triangles and will be boxed in red brackets in your field of view. (ADD IMAGE OF ENEMY TARGETS) Friendly contacts will be displayed as blue triangles on your map and will be boxed in blue brackets in your field of view.

Radar contacts can be shared among teammates, so that any enemy your team detects will be displayed on your map and in your field of view. The Battlemap view will allow you to see the entire map, along with all friendly and detected enemies marked in their current position. (ADD BATTLEMAP IMAGE DISPLAYING FRIENDLY AND ENEMY CONTACTS).


Several types of equipment can be used to boost your own sensors and decrease the sensor effectiveness of enemy 'Mechs.





Range Boost[]

Advanced Missile Guidance Equipment[]