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The Pilot Lab uses both Mech XP (MXP) and General XP (GXP) to upgrade your 'Mech.

Experience Points[]

Mech XP[]

You earn 'Mech XP (MXP) for some in-game actions and winning matches. These MXP are earned and stored on a per-chassis basis. MXP is then used to purchase new capabilities for that specific chassis in the form of Battlemech efficiencies (see Mech Tree below). MXP can be converted to GXP at a rate of 1 MC.png per 25 XP converted. MXP cannot be used to purchase efficiencies if the 'Mech is not present in the Mech Bay.

General XP[]

Like MXP, GXP is earned during combat but at a much smaller rate. While 100% of XP earned during a battle will be credited towards MXP, only 5% of XP earned will be credited towards GXP. GXP is applied towards the pilot and can be used to purchase 'Mech efficiencies of any 'Mech you own. Additionally, it is primarily used for unlocking modules (See Pilot Lab#Pilot Tree below).

Pilot Lab[]

Mech Tree[]

Basic Efficiencies
Cool Run Kinetic Burst Twist X Heat Containment
750 XP 1,000 XP 2,500 XP 1,000 XP
Heat Dissipation +7.5% Acceleration +22.5% Torso Twist Range +10% Heat Threshold +10%
elite fully unlocked +15% elite fully unlocked +45% elite fully unlocked +20% elite fully unlocked +20%
Hard Brake Twist Speed Arm Reflex Anchor Turn
1,500 XP 2,500 XP 1,500 XP 3,500 XP
Deceleration +25% Twist Speed +20% Arm Speed +15% Turning Speed +10%
elite fully unlocked +50% elite fully unlocked +40% elite fully unlocked +30% elite fully unlocked +20%
Elite Efficiencies
Quick Ignition Pinpoint
4,000 XP 6,000 XP
Start-Up and Shut-Down speed +33% Convergence speed of torso and arm weapons +15%
Fast Fire Speed Tweak
3,000 XP 8,500 XP
Weapon cooldown rate +5% 'Mech maximum speed +10%
Master Efficiencies
Module Slot
21,500 XP
+1 Module Slot

As players get into matches they begin to earn GXP and MXP. After each match, the MXP earned is stored in the 'Mech itself. This pool of MXP can be spent on something called BattleMech efficiencies. Essentially, these BattleMech efficiencies represent your pilot’s increased familiarity and skill with that particular 'Mech chassis. Each 'Mech has its own custom tech tree, and you spend your MXP pool on the efficiencies within that 'Mech’s tech tree. General XP is also spent on BattleMech efficiencies, but can be used on any 'Mech; it does not necessarily have to be used on the 'Mech it was earned in.

There are three tiers of efficiencies; Basic, Elite, and Master.

Each efficiency, or upgrade, on a tier must be purchased before you can access any of the efficiencies on the next tier. Once the "Basic" efficiency tier has been completed on one variant of a given 'Mech, the player will need to complete the "Basic" tier on two other variants of the same chassis before the "Elite" tier can be pursued. The "Master" tier can be unlocked after completing the "Elite" tier on three chassis's within the same weight class, e.g. Medium.

When the "Elite" tier is completed on a 'Mech, all of the bonuses in the "Basic" tier of that 'Mech are doubled.

Once a tier has been unlocked on a given variant, it stays unlocked, even if you sell the 'Mech.

Pilot Tree[]

BattleMechs are able to equip modules in addition to equipment. Equipping modules is a two step process; first you unlock them via the Pilot Tree in the Pilot Lab, then you buy and equip them to your 'Mech in the Mech Lab. Like equipment, modules are equipped to your 'Mech and are not fixed to a single model like efficiencies are.

Below is a table of available modules and their costs.