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An OmniMech is a type of BattleMech designed to increase the modularity of weapon loadouts.


An OmniMech can use heads, limbs, and side torsos from any variant of the same 'Mech, increasing versatility by allowing the mixing and matching of available hardpoints. Only the center torso cannot be changed. This also allows some manipulation of the Quirks. However, there is a 2.5% XP bonus for using all OmniPods from the same variant.

Many OmniPods have fixed equipment that cannot be removed. Thus the ability to shuffle available space around is actually greatly reduced on OmniMechs.

Due to their pod-like design, OmniPods automatically function as if they had CASE installed, without using any space or weight to do so.


The Lower Arm and hand actuators are easily removed to make space for large weapons on OmniMechs. This is an obvious boon for mounting an AC 20. Unfortunately, Gauss Rifles, PPCs, and all Autocannons designed for use in OmniMechs utilize the actuator mounting points, preventing the use of actuators when using these weapons, even when there is space. This can be particularly frustrating in the case of an AC 2, which is so small and easily mounted with an actuator on a standard BattleMech, but not on an OmniMech.


The engine on an OmniMech cannot be changed, either in terms of rating or in terms of type (standard or XL).


Ferro-Fibrous Armor, Endo-Steel, and Double Heat Sink upgrades are set at the factory and cannot be changed. The only upgrade that can be changed by the player is Artemis missile guidance.


The idea for OmniMechs was originally proposed on the forums at: