Mist Lynx MLX-Prime

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MLX-Prime Overview

Base: Mist Lynx
Introduced: 2926
Tonnage: 25]
Class: Light
Cbill.png  Cost: 5,732,606
MC.png  Cost: 2,295
Stock Equipment
Engine: 175 XL
Speed: 113.4 km/h
Structure: Endo-Steel
Armor: 134 (75.3%)
Heat Sinks: 10 Double
Stock Armament
RA: 1 C-Streak SRM 4
RA: 2 C-Machine Gun
LA: 1 C-LRM 10
Right Arm: 2 1
Left Arm: 1
ECM location: None
AMS location: None
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: 6/6
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 113.4 - 113.4
Speed Tweak Bonus: 124.7 - 124.7
Engine Ratings: 175 - 175
Movement Archetype: Tiny
Max Armor: 178
Pitch Twist
Arms 30° 20°
Torso 30° 120°
Twist X Bonus: 132°/144°
Advanced Equipment
Ferro Fibrous Clan Active Probe

022 [1]

Mist Lynx Specs

Mist Lynx Hardpoints

Overview[edit | edit source]

The MLX-Prime is the only variant with ballistic hardpoints. With no energy weapons, it is out of the fight once the ammo runs dry.

As an OmniMech, it can use OmniPods from other Mist Lynx variants for additional hardpoint variations.

The MLX-Prime was one of the Clan 'Mechs available for purchase during Operation Revival, featuring a unique skin and a 30% Cbill.png bonus.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Jump Jets (nearly the jump distance of a Spider)
  • Switching to the MLX-C left arm will add ECM and AMS hardpoints
  • The missile hardpoints allow up to 10 tubes each

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Only has arm-mounted weapons
  • Completely ammunition dependent
  • No AMS hardpoint without replacing left arm

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BattleMech Hardpoint List[edit source]

Chassis Attributes Table[edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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