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A Mercenary is a person who does not have an alliance with any particular Faction. Mercenaries tend to concern themselves with net gain over the ideals of a given government.

The Meta Game[]

Mercenary Corporations are player run groups which compete against one another for control of the border worlds. Merc Corps compete against one another through a contract system provided by the Great Houses. The Merc Corp with the highest bid at the end of the blind auction plays a series of matches against the defending Merc Corp for the occupation rights of the planet. Ownership of a planet provides a substantial bonus to the owners. Each Mercenary Corporation also earns Loyalty Points (LP) for assisting a certain Faction. If a player is inactive for an extended period of time the LP will begin to diminish until they reach their neutral value.


MercNet Post - 31 December 3048:

FedCom/Free Rasalhague Republic trade negotiations continue; Duke Kelswa’s actions in Ronin Wars still haunt proceedings.
Ha. That’s from a few weeks back. What a polite way the Commonwealth Press has of discussing that cluster. They can blow wind up your solar sails all you want, gents, but it doesn’t change anything. The high-and-mighty Duke Kelswa screwed up with an Atlas-sized S. What’s more, by ignoring his own boss in Her Worshipfulness the Archon, he screwed over some merc units in the process.
You know me, gents. I ain’t nice and I ain’t pretty. And that lets me get away with murder on the news nets. It means mainstream ignores me…but it also means you get the truth like a straight Kurita PPC shot cut with aerospace fuel. The Elsies can talk all they want about “troubles with Republic trade negotiations,” but for the mercs involved, Kelswa’s cluster of ’34 meant some commands took it in the shorts. Trouble that didn’t need to come down the chute.
That doesn’t mean the mercs involved, like Meriadoc’s Malcontents, get off scot-free, oh no. They signed the contract that forfeited their equipment if they surrendered to Republic or Kurita forces. Left them trying to fight off the Snake hammer of the Shin Legion, and they were the anvil; destroyed to the last man.
Don’t ever underestimate the power of your employer to screw you six ways from a Canopian Circus. And read your contracts. Carefully, gents. Setting aside incompetence, maliciousness slaved to the letter of a contract has put more mercs two meters under than any autocannon.
Keep it locked and loaded, gents.
—Jacob Hardenson, MercNet