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The lighter a 'Mech is, the higher percentage of its weight is dedicated to armor.

The “Highlander Burial” is the name for a Death From Above maneuver when performed by a Highlander assault 'Mech.

The Machine Gun dates back to early Terran history.

If the enemy is in LRM range - so are you!

An Engine needs at least a total of 10 Heat Sinks to run. Some have Heat Sinks built in!

BAP lets you target nearby powered-down 'Mechs.

An ECM can counter other ECMs! Press 'J' to switch functions.

You can't put Double Heat Sinks in your legs.

You can save weight with lighter Armor. Or switching to Endo-Steel, or both!

You'd better listen carefully to Betty.

You can hold 'Q' to quickly locate your lancemates from the cockpit!

You can adjust your cockpit's FOV.

You can set mouse sensitivity' according to your vision's zoom level.

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