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This page offers an overview to all media-files (images and videos) - (as of 13.1.2013)

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Info.png All categories make use of its singular word-form (Category:BattleMech/Unit Logo/Icon/etc), only exception: Awards Info.png



Unit Art

Shown (or not) on either unit or user page. Not only Logos/Emblems, but every art unit/user related (not an image of a regular 'Mech 'only uploaded' by a user).



Used throughout the desriptions (of non unit-pages). If the image of the Battlemech is...

  • Concept Art - a mere ideas of a 'Mech (Info.png Category:Concept) or...
  • Preview - to a 'Mech, it gets its family-name for a category:
  • Battlemechs - holds all families and ...some pics, by now


  • Faction Logos - either historically related or the official houses


Equipment & Stuff

  • Illustrative - Weapons & Equipment. Images of hardware used (in the boxes) to illustrate the equipment.


Not obligatory small pics, but icons and floating pics used in desriptions of items of the former category.

  • Instructional - Images used in descriptions, mostly screenshots
  • Icons - Icons, bullets, logos. mwowiki-stuff for editor's convenience



  • Misc - which couldnt fit into other drawers, so far.

Not Used

  • Not Used - For unused stuff; although this might change rapidly, here're the abandonded and duplicate files.


Promotional Trailers
The first trailers are not considered previews of MechWarrior Online. They were released during summer 2009 and used to pitch the idea of a MechWarrior game based in the year of 3015.
  • Trailer concept featuring Clan mechs.
  • Early Concept of original Trailer.
  • Final Promotional Trailer
  • Official MechWarrior Online Trailer
  • Official MechWarrior Online Open Beta Trailer