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This page is about the various language and expressions used by pilots in the battletech universe. In short, slang. Often people use these terms in game so for those confused, especially new people to battletech this should help translate and explain some phrases for you.

Inner Sphere Terms[]

General Inner Sphere terms used by all to describe things such as unit formations, resources, general equipment, etc.


Used to abbreviate Autocannon.


Shortened form of ComStar-Bill, the currency used to pay for use of the Order's HPG network. Thanks to ComStar's neutrality and the Inner Sphere wide reach of the HPG network, C-Bills are the de-facto unit of exchange between the Great Houses, as well as the preferred form of payment for interstate merchants and mercenaries.


Shorted form of House-Bills, an umbrella term for the currencies of the various Great Houses.


A standard squad of 'Mechs. A Lance normally consists of 4 'Mechs.


A standard unit that usually consists of three lances. (12 'Mechs)


A military unit that usually consists of three companies. (36 'Mechs)


A military unit that usually consists of three battalions.


Contraction of Lost Technology, referring to equipment that was considered lost during the Succession Wars which was readily available during the time of the Star League.


Used to abbreviate Long Range Missile.


Used to abbreviate Short Range Missile


Used to abbreviate Particle Projector Cannon


Abbreviation for "Extended Range." Term is found at the start of other weapons such as "ER Large Laser" or "ER PPC."

Hyperpulse Generator[]

Shortened to HPG, the Hyperpulse Generator is the primary means of interstellar communications across the Inner Sphere. ComStar maintains and controls the HPG network, with HPG stations on virtually every Inner Sphere world.


Interplanetary spacecraft which attach and travel between star-systems aboard JumpShips, DropShips are generally capable of take-off and landing on planets.


Interstellar spacecraft which perform hyperspace jumps between star-systems, JumpShips can only function at points minimal gravity on the outer limits of a system, thus the requirement for DropShips to transport people and material in-system.

House Terms

Davion Terms[]

First Prince[]

Head of State

Kurita Terms[]


Head of State

Marik Terms[]


Head of state of House Marik

Steiner Terms[]


Head of state of House Steiner,

Lyran Recon Lance[]

Joke term referring to LCAF heavy or assault weight lances, born of the heavier average weight of House Steiner's military forces.

Social General[]

Term referring to Lyran military officers who have obtained their rank and position through networking as opposed to martial talent, emblematic of the reputation of LCAF's somewhat bloated and ineffective command structure.

Federated Commonwealth[]

Offical BattleTech terms regarding the Federated Commonwealth


Title combination of House Steiner and House Davion; its the Head of State for the Federated Commonwealth.


Shortened slang term for Federated Commonwealth.

Liao Terms[]


Head of state of the Capellan Confederation.

ComStar Terms[]

Official BattleTech terms regarding ComStar


The lowest rank in ComStar, roughly equivalent to labourer.


The second rank in ComStar, Adepts are the organization's working technicans.

Blessed Blake[]

Deified term for ComStar founder Jerome Blake.

Blessed Order[]

Internal term used to refer to ComStar itself

First Circuit[]

Originally named for the HPG network's First or Prime Circuit of Class A stations, the political First Circuit serves as ComStar's ruling and decision making council.

Level I[]

The smallest ComStar military formation, consisting of either a single BattleMech, armored vehicle or aerospace fighter, or single infantry squad.

Level II[]

A ComStar military formation consisting of six Level I units, referred to as a demi-company.

Level III[]

A ComStar military formation consisting of six Level II units, referred to as a battalion.

Level IV[]

A ComStar military formation consisting of six Level III units, referred to as a division.

Level V[]

A ComStar military formation consisting of six Level IV units, referred to as an army.


The third rank in ComStar, Precentors serve as the managers of its branches and divisions, HPG stations, Com Guard Level IV's.

Precentor Martial[]

The overall commander of ComStar's military forces, the Com Guards.

Precentor ROM[]

The head of ComStar's shadowy inteliegence arm ROM.


The political and spiritual leader of the Order, the Primus is effectively the head of state of ComStar.

The Word of Blake[]

Document supposedly written by ComStar founder Jerome Blake outlining his claimed vision of the future, detailing the collapse of Inner Sphere into war and ComStar's role as the preserver of knowledge and salvation of humankind. The Word of Blake is required reading for all ComStar members.

Mercenary Terms[]

Battlemech Terms[]

Official battletech terms for mechs.

Alpha Strike[]

Term for describing firing all weapons at once.

Light Mech[]

Term used to describe mechs weighing in the 20-35 ton category.

Scout Mech[]

Sometimes incorrectly used to label light mechs, but generally any mech designed for recon duty.

Medium Mech[]

Term used to describe mechs weighing in the 40-55 ton category

Heavy Mech[]

Term used to describe mechs weighing in the 60-75 ton category

Assault Mech[]

Term used to describe mechs weighing in the 80-100 ton category

Mechwarrior Terms[]

In game terms, slang often used by players.

Lyran Recon Lance[]

Used to describe a House Steiner Scouting lance....usually consisting of about four 100 ton Atlas Assault Mechs.


People who use 'Mechs designed with jump jets to leap up, fire then fall back behind cover.


'Mechs that use pretty much only one class of same grouped weapons, for example all PPC or MG's.


Recent term introduced into MechWarrior world. Used to describe pilots who hang near hill tops using "Boat" mechs to snipe or rain LRMs.


Slang term for large cumbersome Assault Class Mechs.


Used to describe Mechs or equipment that was used from other mech or mecha franchises that was removed following complaints from Harmony Gold.


Mechs that were taken from other franchises that have been redesigned in order to avoid copyright infringement.


Slang for a Jenner JR7-D light Mech.


A name for a Raven-4X mounting a Gauss Rifle.