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==Camo Spec==
==Camo Spec==
==Cockpit (Items)==
==Cockpit (Items)==

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Home Screen<-

Actually your 'Mechs hangar


Right from the start you have one 'Mech of each class as a Trial-Mech:

These Trail-Mechs cant be customized or painted.


  • note: some stuff only shows up, when the proper component (RA, RT, etc.) is selected


  • AMS
  • NARC
  • many more


(all 1 slot 1 ton but amount varies)



  • Standard
  • Ferro-Fibrous (FF)
  • Ferro-Lamellor (FL)
  • Endo Steel
  • Reflective (aka Glazed or Reflec)
  • Reactive


  • vision module
  • targeting module
  • support
  • sensor


Upgrade options

Camo Spec

Cockpit (Items)

-> Pilotlab