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Release Date: Fall 2012 (Open Beta)
Developer: Piranha Games
Publisher: Infinite Game Publishing
Developer Team

Mechwarrior Online (MWO) is a

  • client-based,
  • Free to Play,
  • futuristic (non arcade, but) tactical and co-operative
  • First Person Shooter (FPS) and
  • Massive Multiplayer Online (BattleMech) Game (MMOG),
  • setttled in the Battletech-Universe, playing 3049 AD and
  • its Game Engine is CryENGINE®3.

You will be able to fully customize your Battlemechs loadout, decals, paint job and equipment.


MWO utilizes a free-to-play (F2P) model. Gameplay focus is exclusively on multiplayer interactions, with no single-player element. The developers have stated that they will avoid a "pay-to-win" methodology, introducing only cosmetic items or abilities, such as unique skins, cockpit items and the like. Unlike other military vehicular combat games, MWO doesn#t give players the ability to gain advantage via real money by buying "gold" vehicles and weapon ammunition.


It is unknown what the plot is as of the moment, but its suggested players will take on the role of either a pilot for one of the Great Houses or play as a Mercenary.


The game features a progressive storyline, where each day in real time is a day in the Inner Sphere. ISN (Inner Sphere News) provides articles with news on a daily base on what's happening[1].


There will be player controlled Merc Corps in game along with non-player-character (NPC) Factions which players can fight under the banner of.[2]

Release Notes[]

Release Notes




MWO is focused on cooperative team play and has many unique features that will assist pilots who choose to work together. These features are broken down into four different pillars of Warfare.

Mech Warfare[]

'Mech Warfare includes a variety of information about how the game will play when you get into your 'Mech for the first time. It explains how the 'Mech is controlled, and the differences between ballistic, missile, and energy weapons. [3]

Role Warfare[]

  • Experience Points (XP) and Pilot Points are discussed in detail along with the different roles a person may choose to have while playing the game[4].
  • How XP is earned and how it can be used to make a 'Mech more efficient at its role on the battlefield[5].

Community Warfare[]

Community Warfare is based around the concepts of faction warfare, mercenary corporations and neutral players called Lone Wolves. Both Factions and Mercenary Corporations fight for worlds in their own territory which can change at any time. Both Faction players and Merc Corps earn Loyalty Points (LP) although they affect a player differently depending on if they are fighting for a Corp or a Faction[6].

Information Warfare[]

Information Warfare is based on the use of technology to get an advantage over your enemy. [7]

  • Battle Grid, Modules and how enemies are detected on the battlefield.
  • Also false readings may be able to be created by players to confuse the enemy.


Game play consists of different game modes taking place across multiple maps. Each world/planet (map) has its own environment and weather, esp. ambient temperature effects the speed at which a 'Mech cools down after firing its weapons.


The first game mode released was Assault:
  • two teams of (by now) eight (4/8/12) play against each other
  • no respawn Team Death Match setting, with an added
  • capture the base defending challenge.
Capture speed of a base can be increased:
  • by having multiple 'Mechs inside the coloured capture square which surrounds the base.
  • by a certain module
Base capture can be stopped
  • by having a 'Mech from the defending team enter the square area that is being captured or
  • by destroying the enemy 'Mech(s) which are in the capture area.

With rumors[8] of hostile activity on the Periphery of the Inner Sphere, all of the Great Factions have been purchasing large quantities of Germanium, which is a very rare element used in Jump Ships that travel through the Inner Sphere.

In Conquest, players will vie over Germanium resource collectors.

  • These mobile mining units refine Germanium for the team that controls them. The more collector units under a team’s control, the faster that team will be gathering resources.
  • There are 5 resource collectors on each map. There is one (already captured) resource collector in each team’s start location. The three other collectors are spread evenly throughout the rest of the map.
  • If a team approaches the maximum amount of resources, they will be notified that they are about to win.
  • The first team collecting 750 resources wins.
  • A team can also win by destroying all enemy Mechs.
  • Win or Lose, any resources collected by a team are multiplied by 25 and players are rewarded that amount in C-Bills. (Germanium is paid out - win or lose).
(i.e.: if two teams play out via resource collection, and one team has 750 resources and the other has 480 resources, the first team earns 18,750 CB and the second earns 12,000 CB.


Players can either join a random group of 12 by themselves or with up to 3 other friends using the small group option. When doing this they will be paired up with other players who chose to make a small group or who wanted to join the game alone. Large groups consist of groups of exactly 12. Large groups are placed against one another and never fight against teams of small groups or single players.


There is a vast amount of media available to anyone with questions about MWO. This media includes dozens of screenshots, videos, and artwork.

Official trailers[]

Official Teaser Trailer

Dev Blogs[]

Dev blog 0 MWO Recap
Dev blog 1 community warfare
Dev blog 2 information warfare
Dev blog 3 role warfare
Dev blog 4 role warfare cont (XP and Skill Tree)
Dev blog 5 mech warfare (Controls)
Dev blog 6 mechlab

ISN Articles[]

The Inner Sphere News articles describe what is happening within the Inner Sphere on the day they were posted. [1]