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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Magistracy of Canopus News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Magistracy of Canopus Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Magestrix Emma Centrella announced a banner year for the recovering Canopian economy; promises more initiatives to come. Emma Centrella 3048-10-30
Magestrix meets with Duchess Trussel from Thraxa to re-negotiate textiles taxes; wool prices continue to plummet. Emma Centrella Duchess Trussel 3048-12-02
Magistracy of Canopus remembers the fourth anniversary of the death of Magestrix Kyalla Centrella. Kyalla Centrella 3048-12-20
Celebration planning underway for the Ninth of May to honor the rise of Emma Centrella to the Magestrix nine years ago. Emma Centrella 3049-05-03
The Morrigan-faith-based community of the Trznadel Cluster’s mining enclaves are reporting instances of hate crimes. 3049-05-13
Mindstar Enterprises announces additional DropShip acquisitions to further expansion of its mobile pleasure circuses. 3049-06-09
“Men for Equality” march in the capital of the Magistracy of Canopus demanding “equality” in that matriarchal society. 3049-06-14
Magestrix Command Center evacuated after bomb threat; Magestrix vows fully investigation to discover duplicity. 3049-07-20
Colonel Cynthia Evans of the Chasseurs à Cheval receives the Fist of Raventhir from the Magestrix’s hand today. Cynthia Evans Emma Centrella 3049-09-15

Player Affiliated Units[]

Magistracy of Canopus affiliated online units;

To add your Magistracy of Canopus unit to this list, use this form and enter Magistracy of Canopus in the faction field.

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