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Lyran Commonwealth
Lyran Commonwealth
General Overview
Ruling House House Steiner
Faction Successor State
Capital Tharkad
Established 2341 (Part of the Federated Commonwealth as of 3028)
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The Lyran Commonwealth has never been regarded as a military power, but it remains a political and economic force to be reckoned with. Though governed by a feudal system like most of the other Successor States, the Commonwealth maintains loose control over member worlds and business interests while actively encouraging a thriving capitalist economy. This, along with the fact that its territory includes some of the Inner Sphere's richest and most heavily industrialized worlds, made the Lyran realm an economic superpower almost since its inception. Work, trade and profit are the central concerns of most Lyrans, who have grown accustomed to high standards of living. The life of luxury even extends to the Lyran military, where power, privilege and prestige are derived from rank—earned as often as not by whom one knows, rather than what one knows or has done.[1] (famous saying:"There's the right way, the wrong way and then there's the Lyran way, which is just the wrong way with lots of assault 'Mechs.")

The people of House Steiner are said to be of European decent, in particular German and Eastern Europe.


At current House Steiner is in a union with House Davion as part of the Federated Commonwealth.

Lyran Commonwealth Regions


Each House and faction has unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others.

The Lyrans tend to be defensive and have good access to heavier 'Mechs, in particular assaults.

Light 'Mechs Assault 'Mechs Warships Dropships
Commando Atlas (Lyran light 'Mech) Mjolnir Overlord

Armed Forces[]

Lyran Military Units[]

  • Arcturan Guards: 8th / 11th / 15th / 17th / 19th / 20th / 23rd / 24th / 25th Arcturan Guards
  • Lyran Guards: 6th Lyran Guards
  • Lyran Regulars
  • Royal Guards: 1st / 3rd Royal Guards

Alliance Units[]

  • Alliance Guards
  • Alliance Jaegers

Regional Corps[]


Player Affiliated Units[]

Lyran Commonwealth affiliated online units;

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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Lyran Commonwealth News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Lyran Commonwealth Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Gienah Combat Vehicles announced damage by the 3rd Free Worlds Legionnaires’ raid in September not as extensive as feared. 3048-10-08
In other news, New Earth Trading Company, on New Earth, announced a newly elected president: Donald Witherspoon. Donald Witherspoon 3048-10-10
Media were on-hand at the Defiance Industries Hesperus’ proving ground to see the new 9S Zeus put through its paces. 3048-10-15
Lockheed-CBM’s Sandpiper research team proposes updating venerable Warrior Attack Helicopter with recovered technology. 3048-11-05
Gienah CV is still being decried for loss of jobs almost a decade after it converted its Packrat ICE-production line to fusion. 3048-12-22
Thousands of mourners gather to remember Archon Katrina Steiner on the 9th anniversary of her passing. Katrina Steiner 3049-01-06
Controversy erupts over the publication of “Ryan Vs. Hanse: The Skye Crises of 3034”, which paints First Prince Hanse Davion poorly. Ryan Steiner Hanse Davion 3049-01-08
Over a decade since Melissa Steiner-Davion’s Sarna March exploitation intervention, residents of worlds still resentful. Melissa Steiner-Davion 3049-01-09
Developed with direct in-put from LCCC, Austen-Armstrong Industries showcases M4T A2 laser rifle to Ministry of Defense. 3049-01-24
While FWL refuses to treat with Caesar O-Reilly, House Steiner sends envoy to further trade talks with Marion Hegemony. Sean O-Reilly 3049-01-31
Gienah Combat Vehicles announced its line fully repaired and back in operation following last September’s raid. 3049-02-01
Arnaud Rai rails against Commonwealth Press for not publishing his manifesto; Press calls his papers “conspiracy trash” Arnaud Rai 3049-02-09
First Ceti Hussars’ Hauptmann General Lamont lodges complaint with AFFC over use of The Fox’s Teeth to raid Combine. Vance Lamont 3049-03-13
With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting. Victor Steiner-Davion 3049-03-16
Colonel Charles Francis “Crab” Carranza denies the Twelfth Star Guards are shopping for a new employer. Charles Francis Carranza 3049-03-17
Rumors circle Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion will post to Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT upon graduation. Victor Steiner-Davion 3049-04-08
“Rise of the RCT: House Davion Revolutionizes Modern Warfare” has spent 20 weeks on Commonwealth Press bestseller list. 3049-04-09
Citizens For Safety petition Archon to mandate the replacement of the centuries’ old nuclear reactor below Tharkad City. Melissa Steiner-Davion 3049-04-12
The maligned Firestarter—hated for its dangerous flamers—has received a Coventry upgrade, including electronics and AMS. 3049-04-17
A rash of graffiti strikes numerous worlds of the Skye March; a call to remember the failed First Skye Rebellion in 3034. 3049-05-11
Though loath to admit it, AFFC is still attempting to replicate the effective electronics package of the RVN-3L Raven. 3049-05-27
A dozen “Leaguers” arrested on Tharkad as celebrations on the 9th of 478 years since Star League founding turned riotous. 3049-07-11
“Furillo: A World’s Wealth” discusses its vast mineral wealth, production capacity, and its importance House Steiner. 3049-09-11
Released military communiqué from 8th Arcturan Guards on Here, coreward Periphery, notes apparent pirate activity drop. 3049-09-16
Lyran Free Traders Association—only merchants able/willing to deal with Oberon Confederation—reports missing JumpShip. 3049-09-23
Un-covered communications to 8th Arcturan Guards on Here instructs commander to investigate pirate activity drop. 3049-09-27