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This article is a stub. Information on this page is largely based on what exists in the BattleTech universe circa 3049, but other than having been announced as being included in the game, has not been detailed by the developers. Please add any information that might be relevant to this unit or faction as of 3049.


Historically in 2471, thirty years after the introduction of the first 'Mech (Mackie), Jump Jets emerged and first appeared on the Wasp. Jump Jets are small thrusters that allow 'Mechs to hoover up into the air and/or rocket short distances, in order to bound over obstacles and buildings that would otherwise have to be walked around. To achieve this movement Jump Jets harness the power of a 'Mechs fusion engine to superheat air (or another suitable fluid) and it's rapid expansion yields thrust to propel the 'Mech upwards.

  • Currently constructed Jump Jets dont allow for any further directing (once you are airborne) and only thrust upwards, giving the 'Mechs speed and direction a third dimension.
  • Thrust can only be maintained for a shot period of time, until the Jets replenished their energy to be 'fired' again.
  • Usage of Jump Jets increases the 'Mechs base heat each time they are 'fired' up for movement.
  • They take up one Critical Slot
  • Weight of a single Jump Jet depends on the 'Mechs weight class:
  • Jump Jets are preinstalled, they can't be upgraded or dismounted (rly?[1]). Instead they are restricted to particular chassis variants:


Jet Roles

  • With Jump Jet suited 'Mechs, pilots often find the additional granted movement option is essential for fire support and/or sniping 'Mechs.
  • Jump Jets can also aid in hunting down Light 'Mechs which are scouting team mates, harassing missile boats or attempting to capture the friendly base.

Reserve Thrust

  • Jump Jets generate a force opposed to gravitiy. If the Jets are off, gravitiy comes to full effect again, pulling the 'Mech back down. If the performing 'Mech is at this reversal point at high altitude, the technical term 'free fall' is used. To avoid the 'Mech from taking damage there should be a 'reserve thrust' left to decrease falling speed, at least shortly before hitting the ground hard.
  • Light 'Mechs (and some of the faster heavy 'Mechs) might make an advantage of their Jets as a last effort to escape from being destroyed.

Hit and Run

Poptart - Pilot using Jets to leap up behind cover, fire and retreat back.

Death From Above

DFA is a form of attack whereby one 'Mech uses its Jets to jump up and then land on top of another 'Mech, which can be a devastating attack if the performing 'Mech is of a heavier weight class than the 'Mech on the receiving end.
Higlander Burial - renowned manoeuvre, DFA conducted by a Highlander 'Mech.


Currently there are no Medium or Assault class 'Mechs in MWO that can mount Jump Jets, but it's rumored (or wished) that some more future 'Mechs will have them. Expectingly: