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Jump jets are intended to improve a mechs mobility on the battlefield allowing it to reach otherwise inaccessible locations such as rooftops or taking short cuts over terrain. It is also widely used to enhance a Mech's agility as a Mech will turn faster when jump jets are engaged. Currently jump jets don't allow for any further direction input once you are airborne and only grant upwards thrust. If used from a standstill, however, they will move you forward, but very slowly (around 15km/h) which can still be enough to get on a ledge. Thrust can only be maintained for a shot period of time (currently 3.5 seconds), then must be deactivated to replenish their energy before being fired again. Usage of Jump Jets increases the 'Mechs base heat each time they are fired up for movement. They take up one Critical Slot each and must be mounted in either the legs or torso of the Mech. Jump Jets come pre-installed on jump capable 'Mechs, but can be removed and/or more added in the mechlab. Jump Jets are available in all classes.

Jump Jet classes
Jump Jet Class Jump Jet Weight Mech Tonnage Cost
Class V 0.5 ton Up to 35 tons 44,000
Class IV 0.5 ton between 40 and 55 tons 76,000
Class III 1 ton between 60 and 70 tons 108,000
Class II 1 ton between 75 and 85 tons 132,000
Class I 2 ton between 90 and 100 tons 152,000

They are restricted to particular chassis and variants:


Jump Jet Roles[]

  • With Jump Jet equipped 'Mechs, pilots often find the additional granted movement option is essential for fire support or sniping 'Mechs, where they can quickly move onto good vantage points on high ground, even onto normally inaccessible locations like building rooftops or steep boulders.
  • Scout 'Mechs can take advantage of jump jets to take shortcuts through certain routes to move through enemy territory even more quickly than normal.
  • Jump Jets aid in hunting down Light 'Mechs which are scouting your team mates and harassing your missile boats or attempting to capture the friendly base.
  • Jump Jets can also aid in scouting by jumping over terrain when finding targets for your team mates that are missile boat 'Mechs or are sniping 'Mechs.
  • Light 'Mechs, and some of the faster medium and heavy 'Mechs, can take advantage of their Jump Jets mobility to escape when outmatched by jumping over buildings, large rocks and impassable terrain where the pursuing enemy cannot immediately follow.

Reserve Thrust[]

  • Jump Jets generate an upward force opposed to gravity. If the Jets are off while airborne, gravity exerts its full effect, pulling the 'Mech back down. When the performing 'Mech is at this reversal point at high altitude, the technical term 'free fall' is used, and from there, the 'Mech will fall all the way to the ground in the same manner as stepping off a cliff. A pilot should always leave a small portion of the jump jet fuel remaining as 'reserve thrust', used to fire the jets briefly to brake just before impact, to prevent a hard landing that will damage the 'Mech's legs.

Hit and Run[]

Poptart - Pilot using Jets to leap up from behind cover, fire and retreat back.

Death From Above[]

DFA is a form of attack that is not currently implemented in MWO whereby one 'Mech uses its Jets to jump up and then land on top of another 'Mech, which can be a devastating attack if the performing 'Mech is of a heavier weight class than the 'Mech on the receiving end.
Highlander Burial - renowned maneuver, DFA conducted by a Highlander 'Mech.