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Game Client<-

After you logged into the game, the Home-screen appears.

1. Main Navigation
Home - This page
Mech Lab - Hangar for your 'Mechs where you can buy new, customize owned and repair damaged 'Mechs.
Pilot Lab - spend your XP to gain personal and 'Mech skills
Factions - [not available/implemented]
Store - [not available/implemented]
2. Profile - shows logged in player's profile (by now Lone Wolf only, selection of faction has no influence)
personal profile is stored and changeable at [mwomercs.com]:
Profile - country, email address, pilot name ... registration info, not changeable
Credits - get ingame currency: MechWarrior Credits (MC)
Stats - statistics about player
Faction - where one chooses to belong to either a merc corp or a great house or becomes/stays Lone Wolf
Communications - email newsletter
Forum Profile - settings
3. Mech Ready List - up to 4 in the Mechlab preselected 'Mechs ready to go, starting with a set of Trial-Mechs
4. Launch - go right into action with the selected 'Mech from the Ready List
5. Latest Updates
6. Inner Sphere News Feed
7. Social Media - calls local interweb browser and connects it to MWO channel of
8. Menu
Options | Log out | Quit
9. Premium Account
10. Mech Credits, C-Bills and GXP ... C-Bill
11. social 2


-> Mechlab