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Planetary Data
Ambient Temperature: -10° C 
Surface Gravity: 1.2 
Atm. Pressure: None 
Number of Satellites:
Surface Water: 1 percent 
Stellar Data
Star Type (Recharge Time): F4V, yellow-white (175 Hours) 
Position in System:
Time to Jump Point: 9.21 days 
Recharging Station: Zenith 
Sociopolitical Data
Noble Ruler: COMSTAR 
Population: Minimal 
Socio-Industrial Levels: F-F-F-F-F 
HPG Class Type:
Highest Native Life: None 
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HPG movement.jpg
HPG kills.jpg
HPG deaths.jpg


This ‘A’ Station HyperPulse Generator is located on the only rocky planet in a tri-body system and is facilitated by a massive complex encircling the main array. Because of the planet’s thin atmospheric density (of only ~25,000-75,000 atoms/cm3 at 263°K and 25-100 rads of 8000 keV radiation), the complex must be fully shielded and self-sustaining.The planets remoteness necessitates the conglomerate to also maintain a vast sensor array, house cargo & battlemech stations, fuel bunkers, warehouse facilities, living quarters and hangar bays. Although destroying the facility would be a crippling blow for the victors, it is deemed far too valuable and therefore appropriation is the preferred strategy.

Key Map Features[]

  • Central raised platform under HPG dish.
  • Basement below the central platform.
  • High wall surrounding the HPG dish area.
  • Relatively open, cratered moon-like areas outside the walls.


  • Controlling the basement allows a team to push out to any side of the central area.
  • Controlling the platform under the HPG dish gives line of sight to most of the map.
  • Using the upper platform ramps as cover is a safe way to move around the central area.
  • Split pushing the upper platforms and basement can allow the basement group to flank the enemy.
  • On conquest, 4 of the 5 control points are outside the main walls. A clever light mech can often prolong the game long enough for a cap win


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