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Free Worlds League
Free Worlds League
General Overview
Ruling House House Marik
Faction Successor State
Capital Atreus
Established 2271
Inner Sphere 3048 thumb.png
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The oldest of the Successor States, the Free Worlds League has been plagued by divisive politics throughout its history. Until recently, this debate between federal and provincial powers greatly limited the League's impact on external events. The current Captain-General, Thomas Marik, a war leader with dictatorial powers appointed "for the duration of the crisis," has done much to centralize power and bring out the nation's true strength. Citizens of the League value their right to express themselves freely—more so than almost any other realm—leading to a broad acceptance of differing cultures and values along with an appreciation for the arts and education. Business and the pursuit of material gain, including the recovery of technology, are central to League life. Ironically, though the League pioneered much of the medical technology used during the Star League era, social pressures have since led many to scorn bionics and other replacement technologies, particularly among the lower classes.[1]

Free Worlds League Regions

Armed Forces[]

Each House and faction have unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different access equipment than others.


Player Affiliated Units[]

Free Worlds League affiliated online units;

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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Free Worlds League News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Free Worlds League Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Gienah Combat Vehicles announced damage by the 3rd Free Worlds Legionnaires’ raid in September not as extensive as feared. 3048-10-08
Today League flags stand at half-mast to honor Colonel Baker, late of the Atrean Hussars. Colonel Bennundo will succeed. Colonel Baker Colonel Bennundo 3048-10-13
The formation of the Fifth Legionnaires, for cadre duty, frees the Fourth Legionnaires to proudly enter active duty. 3048-10-16
Bells peal across the breadth of the Free Worlds League as a day long awaited has arrived: an heir is born…Joshua Marik! Joshua Marik 3048-10-22
Urien Domei received the prestigious Order of the Saber for the raid on Dixie; formally revealed as Photon Brett-Marik. Urien Domei 3048-10-27
To showcase continued League unity, the FWLM announced an anniversary-review of dress uniforms adopted in 3047. 3048-11-03
Irian BattleMechs announced today it's finalized a contract with the Killer Bees mercenary unit for additional security. 3048-11-07
MercNet posted Kristen’s Krushers will renew with the Free Worlds League after their initial one year contract expired. 3048-11-18
Oriente Hussars have lodged a formal complaint regarding the Military Reform Act and the LCCC’s allocation of resources. 3048-12-06
Following the accident which killed General Simon Walther, Michael Kallenberg assumes temporary command of Eagle Corps. Simon Walther Michael Kallenberg 3048-12-08
Helen Thrall, commander of 3rd Sirian Lancers, ignored accusations she requested a “blooding” mission against FedCom. Helen Trall 3048-12-17
While official control of Federated BattleMechs ended in 3040, Gibson once more protested League federal oversight. 3048-12-21
1st Regulan Hussars hosted previous commander, now representative, Baron Gerald Cameron-Jones at festivities. Gerald Cameron-Jones 3048-12-26
Irian BattleMechs Unlimited unveiled its newest BattleMech, the Tempest, during today’s live-fire testing. 3048-12-30
Despite continued League reticence Dalma Humphreys shows flair and aplomb with resumed authority over Andurien. Dalma Humphreys 3049-01-02
The capable Salwa Hanachi made CEO Austen-Armstrong Industries in hopes of further capitalizing on the merger of ’44. Salwa Hanachi 3049-01-04
Nobles question when illegitimate Isis Marik will be set-aside as heir-apparent with Joshua 2 months old and healthy. Isis Marik Joshua Marik 3049-01-10
With Dalma Humphreys in power, protesters at the Martyr’s Wall on Andurien demand demolition of “Dark Tower”. Dalma Humphreys 3049-01-17
Over a year distant, rumors abound the League will deny rights to celebrate 20th anniversary of Duchy of Andurien seceding. 3049-01-22
Atrean Hussars petition LCCC for new Foresight exercise; obviously a desire to showcase their re-incarnation since ’46. 3049-01-26
While FWL refuses to treat with Caesar O-Reilly, House Steiner sends envoy to further trade talks with Marion Hegemony. Sean O-Reilly 3049-01-31
Animal rights activists seek injunction against League nobility’s rampant use of lesser branth as status symbols. 3049-02-13
The much anticipated Kensai Holographiks release of next generation Recreational Hologram Environments launches. 3049-02-14
Six-year flaring cycle activity of Prato’s star will soon begin; High Sanction participates already congregating. 3049-03-14
Simmering industrial disputes on Wallis have resulted in Selasys Incorporated union strikes once more. 3049-03-15
Free Worlds Central Bank files yearly complaint against the Capella Commonality Bank citing unfair trading practices. 3049-04-11
The Exituri on Shiloh under investigation for rampant abuses of minors under the guise of “discipline and learning.” 3049-04-15
Members of parliament fail to censure Captain-General over claims of inappropriate support for the nascent House Bey. 3049-05-04
A new round of harsh PM criticism centred on the Marik Scholarship Fund has the Captain-General on the defensive. 3049-05-09
Black flags reign across the Free Worlds League to mourn the start of Anton Marik’s Revolt 35 years ago. Anton Marik 3049-05-21
A crashed Poseidon MEP on Atreus killed all 19 onboard; criminal charges are filing over cannibalized lifeboats. 3049-05-28
Duchess Therese Marik displayed her superb falconry skills at the Musee National des Beaux-arts du Tamarind. Therese Marik 3049-05-29
Famously piloted by General Aleksandr Kerensky, the Orion is a mainstay of the FWLM, which just debuted the new ON1-M. Aleksandr Kerensky 3049-05-30
Earthwerk-FWL rolls out the Ibex RV geared towards farmers and rural communities on rugged League worlds. 3049-06-13
Andurien Aerotech fails to obfuscate over video showing Stingray aerospace fighter in flight mounting new weaponry. 3049-06-16
“The Avenger: Vengeance’s Bloody Price” instant bestseller, chronicling the harrowing reign of Gerald Marik. 3049-06-28
Environmental group petitions Captain-General to reign in Council of Nobles, who continue to ravage Alula Australis. 3049-07-21
FWDI begins field trials of CDA-3M Cicada; an effort to replace the bulk of recon ’Mechs lost during Andurien wars. 3049-07-22
Officer within newly formed Fifth Legionnaires under arrest pending “excessive violence against cadets” investigation. 3049-07-31
“Architectural Spotlight: House of Government”; buildings in continual use since Free Worlds League founded in 2271. 3049-08-04
Free Worlds League Orloff Military Academy under investigation after death of 12-year-old inductee. 3049-08-14
Kirc Cameron-Jones, House Cameron-Jones heir-apparent, in the news again demanding more oversight of Captain-General. Kirc Cameron-Jones 3049-09-01
On the island continent of Simla on Aitutaki renovations of massive exercise grounds and live-fire ranges complete. 3049-09-13
“The Great Interdiction” explores Charles Marik’s ill-fated war against ComStar; cementing the Order’s place of power. Charles Marik 3049-09-28