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Forest Colony is one of the smaller maps in MWO and has two variants regular and Forest Colony Snow the major difference is the ambient temperature and the presence of the rockslide near to the tunnel exit

Planetary Data
Ambient Temperature: 30° C 
Surface Gravity: 0.8 
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable) 
Number of Satellites: 2 (Eagleshore, Eaglesea) 
Surface Water: 62 percent 
Stellar Data
Star Type (Recharge Time): G0V, Yellow (181 Hours) 
Position in System:
Time to Jump Point: 10.46 days 
Recharging Station: Nadir 
Sociopolitical Data
Noble Ruler: Duke Boris Jarvic 
Population: 1,305,525,000 
Socio-Industrial Levels: B-C-C-B-A 
HPG Class Type:
Highest Native Life: None 
Map Forest Colony.jpg
Map Forest Colony Moves.jpg
Map Forest Colony Kills.jpg
Map Forest Colony Deaths.jpg

Key Map Features[]

  • Water on one side of the map.
  • A ship for cover in the water.
  • A tunnel in the land side clifs.

Common Strategies[]

  • ATK LAND: All 'Mechs advance overland. (You might want to send a scout to the water to check for enemy activity.)
  • ATK WATER: Opposite of the above.
  • ATK LAND (TUNNEL): Most 'Mechs go through the tunnel and ATK from the opening. Ballistic and Missile Lances have less trouble with this strategy than Energy lances.
  • Cautious ATK: Similar to the ATK LAND but heavier 'Mechs find cover and scouts go further and spot targets.
  • DEF BASE: Defend around base. Unless you send your scouts out to recon, you have no idea which way the enemy Lance is coming from. But when your scouts find them, this strategy can turn into a useful Counter ATK.


  • If you don't stick with cover out on the water, LRMs can rip you to shreds.