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Federated Suns
Federated Suns
General Overview
Ruling House House Davion
Faction Successor State
Capital New Avalon
Established 2317 (Part of the Federated Commonwealth as of 3028)
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Formed with the signing of the Crucis Pact in 2317, the Federated Suns was intended to stand against the Terran Hegemony's unabashed expansion. However, the Federated Suns faced its first major challenges from the Capellan Confederation. Continued Capellan aggression, including interference in the Suns' disastrous twenty-sixth-century civil war, cemented a deep hatred that has burned between the two nations for centuries. Many Federated Suns citizens harbor similar animosity toward their other neighbor, the Draconis Combine, though this enmity stems from the more recent Kentares Massacre. The Federated Suns has been especially prominent in the thirty-first century. The political and economic marriage of the Suns to the economically powerful Lyran Commonwealth, which together formed the Federated Commonwealth, struck fear in the hearts of many—especially given Prince Hanse Davion's impressive territorial gains during the Fourth Succession War, which coincided with the Federated Commonwealth's inception.[1]


The Federated Suns are allied with the Lyran Commonwealth and are essentially one nation; creating the most powerful economic and military block in the Innersphere. Relations with House Kurita and House Liao are somewhat apathetic, with being invaded by the former and conquering the latter. They also have a distrust of Comstar due to their role in the fourth succession war.


Federated Suns Regions

Armed Forces[]

Each House and faction has unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others.


Phoenix Hawk
Marauder II

Player Affiliated Units[]

Federated Suns affiliated online units;

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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Federated Suns News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Federated Suns Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Marshal Harrison Bradford issued a personal thanks to Norse-Storm BattleMechs, Inc. for the receipt of a DVS-2 Devastator. Harrison Bradford 3048-10-05
McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) continue their successful raids into the Galedon District of the Draconis Combine. 3048-10-11
Duchess Candace Liao delivered her usual monthly address calling for the removal of her sister, Chancellor Romano Liao. Candace Liao Romano Liao 3048-10-18
The coronation ceremony for Duke James Sandoval will follow the official 30 days of mourning for the “Old Duke”. James Sandoval 3048-10-20
Dynamico announced a new set of upgraded Avenger-class DropShips have slipped their moorings at the yards at Delavan. 3048-10-26
General Motors announced today the official opening of its much anticipated Mydron Weapon Systems division. 3048-11-08
Jalastar Aerospace posted record profits after first year of its Centurion licensing agreement with Corean Enterprises. 3048-11-19
Recently shipped Maulers receive their baptism of fire against Davion raid; Victory Armaments’ ER lasers peformed well. 3048-11-29
AFFC officials call “fowl” on planetary governor of Lima blowing the Combine raid of ’46 completely out of proportion. 3048-12-07
Marshal Bradford of the 3rd Royal Guards has reported after tests that the new DVS-2 Devastator is performing above expectations in the field. Harrison Bradford 3048-12-12
FoI advocates demand release of classified documents surrounding alleged “war” between ComStar & MIIO from 3034-44 3048-12-15
Media magnet George Michael Hasek assigned as lance commander within the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry. Michael Hasek 3048-12-30
In spite of AFFC pressure, the Remagen CMM still display their original command’s name, “Nunivak CR”, with pride. 3049-01-03
Controversy erupts over the publication of “Ryan Vs. Hanse: The Skye Crises of 3034”, which paints First Prince Hanse Davion poorly. Ryan Steiner Hanse Davion 3049-01-08
Over a decade since Melissa Steiner-Davion’s Sarna March exploitation intervention, residents of worlds still resentful. Melissa Steiner-Davion 3049-01-09
Duke James Sandoval officially made Field Marshal, commander of the 50 ’Mech regiments of the Draconis March. James Sandoval 3049-01-11
Field Marshal, Duke James Sandoval, begins months-long inspection tour of the regiments of the Draconis March. James Sandoval 3049-01-23
Current location of McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) unknown; speculation rampant over next Draconis target. 3049-01-25
Dynamico defends its latest shipment of upgraded Avenger-class DropShips against allegations of poor workmanship. 3049-02-03
Arnaud Rai rails against Commonwealth Press for not publishing his manifesto; Press calls his papers “conspiracy trash” Arnaud Rai 3049-02-09
A petroleum-carrying Mule DropShip crashed in the financial district on Zolfo; the fire continues to rage out of control. 3049-02-15
Marshal Andrew Cunningham of the First Kestral Grenadiers receives knighthood from Duke Xerxes Cunningham. Andrew Cunningham Xerxes Cunningham 3049-02-27
Katherine McCorkendale, CEO of the interstellar Federated Boeing, announced she’ll visit the royal court on New Avalon. Katherine McCorkendale 3049-03-02
House Liao holds FedCom man captive; allegedly an MI agent working with Tormana Liao to overthrow government. Tormana Liao 3049-03-03
Rumors circulate that MIIO is uneasy with the growing power of WolfNet, the Wolf’s Dragoons intelligence agency. 3049-03-09
First Ceti Hussars’ Hauptmann General Lamont lodges complaint with AFFC over use of The Fox’s Teeth to raid Combine. Vance Lamont 3049-03-13
With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting. Victor Steiner-Davion 3049-03-16
NAIS published paper “Resurrecting Nighthawk. XXI” in a bid to raise funds to explore the creation of “battle armor”. 3049-03-20
Dynamico admits no wrong doing; agrees to send specialists for new review of latest Avenger-class DropShips. 3049-03-26
AFFC High Command denies rumors McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) raided Delacruz last month. 3049-03-27
Rumors circle Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion will post to Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT upon graduation. Victor Steiner-Davion 3049-04-08
“Rise of the RCT: House Davion Revolutionizes Modern Warfare” has spent 20 weeks on Commonwealth Press bestseller list. 3049-04-09
Rumors swirl that Bithinian Ballistics' CEO in negotiations with Federated Suns-based Myrdon Automatic Weaponry. 3049-04-26
Today the War College of Goshen dismissed the safety advocates concerns that its live-fire ranges are un-safe. 3049-04-27
As the first new ’Mechs built in over a century, in 3023, DI proudly showcased its upgrade, the HCT-5S Hatchetman. 3049-05-07
Though loath to admit it, AFFC is still attempting to replicate the effective electronics package of the RVN-3L Raven. 3049-05-27
New rumblings in AFFC High Command heard over desire to strip Duke Stephenson’s control of New Ivaarsen Chassuers. Duke Stephenson 3049-06-01
Draconis Combine issues formal request for the re-call of McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) before conflict escalates. 3049-06-02
Class Action Lawsuit filed against James McKenna Shipyards; life-threatening ship repairs ignored in favor of military. 3049-06-03
“Black Prince” publishes to criticism it glosses over First Prince James Davion’s indiscretions that haunted his reign. 3049-06-05
Independence Weaponry denies allegations the Alshain Class 920 Endo Steel chassis of its new VTR-9K Victor is defective. 3049-06-06
Riots occurred as Combine descendants tried to attend the annual Ceremony of Remembrance at the Kentares Memorial. 3049-06-18
After extensive field testing of the DVS-2 Devastator, 3rd Royal Guards have requested more such ’Mechs. 3049-06-20
First Prince reprimands Universal Air for over-stepping authority; previous Princes have replaced all non-loyal officers. 3049-07-06
Rumors confirmed that Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion has been assigned to the Twelfth Donegal Guards. Victor Steiner-Davion 3049-07-10
Celebrating six centuries of service, week’s long celebration is underway at the Albion Military Academy on New Avalon. 3049-07-18
First Prince removes government of Torrence after socialist take-over threatened to nationalize Vinson Pharmaceuticals. 3049-07-23
Duchess Rein of Woodbine receives apparent reprimand from First Prince over pushing Outback Worlds’ agendas too far. 3049-08-07
A DVS-2 Devastator destroyed, saboteurs suspected; Marshal Harrison Bradford vows full investigation. Harrison Bradford 3049-09-07
NAIS attempts to reengineer KTO-20 Kintaro from captured down-graded Combine model; a ComStar “gift” from War of 3039. 3049-09-24


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