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This page gives a brief summary of the Factions of MechWarrior Online that players may participate in[1] (see also consequences).

Inner Sphere[]

House Steiner.png

House Steiner[]

The Lyran Commonwealth is universally accepted as the great economic powerhouse among the Successor States, although its military might has much to be desired. Their command structure (while based somewhat on talent,) relies on privileges and nobility, resulting in their military effectiveness being hindered by incompetent social generals. Military engagements fought by the Lyran Commonwealth are fought with a emphasis on size over speed. In 3028, Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns joined together to form the super nation known as the Federated Commonwealth.

House Davion.png

House Davion[]

Prior to the unification of the Federated Suns with the Lyran Commonwealth, the Federated Suns was often singled out as being the most technologically advanced and militarily powerful of the five Successor States. However; it suffered from this advanced technology being restricted to a few worlds while the rest remained undeveloped. The formation of the Federated Commonwealth in 3028 marked the beginning of the 4th Succession War and netted the Federated Suns half of the super nation nearly 1/3 of the worlds held by its neighbor, the Capellan Confederation, while also providing them with the economic power to develop its backwater holdings.

House Liao.png

House Liao[]

The Capellan Confederation has always been the smallest of the Successor States and lost nearly 1/3 of its territory to the Federated Commonwealth following that nations creation in 3028. While its military is small, individual units are considered more formidable than their counterparts in other house units. Additionally, the Capellan Confederation makes greater use of mercenaries than the other successor militaries.

House Kurita.png

House Kurita[]

The Draconis Combine is a society resembling ancient Japan. Honour bound by the code of Bushido, but often labeled a police state by others. House Kurita enjoys the protection of a large and professional military and is considered one of the few military powers that can withstand the might of the Federated Commonwealth.

House Marik.png

House Marik[]

The Free Worlds League historically has been made up of semi-autonomous regions that band together for common defense. Starting in the 3030's though, unprecedented power has been granted to the office of its central leadership, the Captain-General. Its economic power can sometimes rival that of the Lyran Commonwealth, while its main military strength is one of the largest navies in the Inner Sphere.


Free Rasalhague Republic[]

Free Rasalhague Republic - Space vikings

The Clans[]


Clan Smoke Jaguar[]

Homeplanet: Richmond


Clan Jade Falcon[]

Homeplanet: Botany Bay


Clan Ghost Bear[]

Homeplanet: Manaringaine


Clan Wolf[]

Homeplanet: The Rock