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EBJ-A Overview

Base: Ebon Jaguar
Introduced: 3049
Tonnage: 65]
Class: Heavy
Cbill.png  Cost: 13,141,764
MC.png  Cost: 5,260
Stock Equipment
Engine: 325 XL
Speed: 81 km/h
Structure: Standard
Armor: 364 (86.3%)
Heat Sinks: 13 Double
Stock Armament
RA: 1 C-ER Large Laser
RA: 1 C-Med Pulse Laser
RA: 1 C-Machine Gun
RT: 1 C-Ultra AC 20
LT: 3 C-ER Medium Laser
LA: 1 C-ER Large Laser
LA: 1 C-Flamer
LA: 1 C-Machine Gun
Right Arm: 2 1
Left Arm: 2 1
Right Torso: 1
Left Torso: 3
ECM location: None
AMS location: None
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: No
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 81 - 81
Speed Tweak Bonus: 89.1 - 89.1
Engine Ratings: 325 - 325
Movement Archetype: Medium
Max Armor: 422
Pitch Twist
Arms 30°
Torso 25° 90°
Twist X Bonus: 99°/108°
Advanced Equipment
Ferro Fibrous  

730 [1]

Ebon Jaguar Specs

Ebon Jaguar Hardpoints


The EBJ-A exchanges shoulder mounted missile hardpoints for shoulder mounted ballistic and energy hardpoints. It's probably the most dangerous when it comes to firing over the tops of ridges.

As an OmniMech, it can use OmniPods from other Ebon Jaguar variants for additional hardpoint variations.


  • Strong mix of energy and ballistic hardpoints.
  • Side torsos have high mounted hardpoints.
  • The EBJ-A right torso is the only Ebon Jaguar OmniPod that can fit an AC/20 or LB20-X.


  • Very wide profile.
  • No lower arm actuators regardless of weaponry.
  • No AMS.

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