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DRG-Flame Overview

Base: Dragon
Tonnage: 60]
Class: Heavy
MC.png  Cost: 4,500
Stock Equipment
Engine: 300 STD
Speed: 81 km/h
Structure: Endo Steel
Armor: 320 (79.6%)
Heat Sinks: 16 Single
Stock Armament
LA: 1 Medium Laser
LT: 1 Autocannon 2
CT: 1 LRM 5
RA: 1 ER Large Laser
Center Torso: 1
Right Arm: 2
Left Arm: 2
Left Torso: 1
ECM location:  
AMS location: RT
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: No
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 32.4 - 97.2
Speed Tweak Bonus: 35.6 - 106.9
Engine Ratings: 120 - 360
Movement Archetype: Medium
Max Armor: 402
Pitch Twist
Arms 30° 40°
Torso 20° 90°
Twist X Bonus: 99°/108°
Advanced Equipment
30% C-bill bonus

411 [1]

Dragon Specs

BattleMech Engine Maneuverability Hardpoints Expenses
Series min / max Speed Torso Arms Total MC.png 
Models [km/h] Pitch/Twist Pitch/Turn
Dragon DRG-1N 120 - 360 32.4 - 97.2 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 222 1935
Dragon DRG-5N 120 - 360 32.4 - 97.2 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 231 2040
Dragon DRG-5N(C) 120 - 360 32.4 - 97.2 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 231 2550
Dragon DRG-1C 120 - 360 32.4 - 97.2 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 411 1900
Dragon DRG-Flame 120 - 360 32.4 - 97.2 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 411 4500

Dragon Hardpoints

BattleMech Hardpoints
Mech Weapon Consumable
Series Jump Module Module Module
Model Jets Slots Slots Slots AMS RA RT HD CT LT LA
Dragon DRG-1N No 2 2 2 RT 2     2 1 1
Dragon DRG-5N No 2 2 2 RT 3     1    2
Dragon DRG-5N(C) No 2 2 2 RT 3     1    2
Dragon DRG-1C No 2 2 2 RT 1     1 2 2
Dragon DRG-Flame No 1 2 2 RT 2     1 1 2


The DRG-Flame is a Hero variant of the Dragon. This model is unique compared to other Dragon models in that it does not carry ballistic slots in either arm. Instead, both arms mount dual energy hardpoints. The Flame's high speed performance matches that of other Dragon models, though the reflexiveness of the torso and arms is slightly downgraded. Like all Hero Mechs, the Flame provides a 30% C-Bill bonus.


Piloted by brothers, the DRG-Fang and the DRG-Flame Mechs have very different styles of combat, with one focusing on close range brawling, and the other long range attack. They can be found side-by-side, ever trying to best the other. Born on New Samarkand and part of a noble family, they attended the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy together. Upon graduation, each was given a Dragon – to Martin, a Dragon DRG-1C belonging to his grandmother, and to Donald, a Dragon DRG-1N that belonged to their father.

While receiving many distinctions and each rising to the rank of Chu-i (Lieutenant), in charge of their own Lances, the brothers often got into trouble for taking un-necessary risks in order to best each other. After their DCMS company commander, who was furious at them, convinced them to cease these actions, and the brothers focused on customizing their Mechs in an attempt to outdo the other.

Having now risen to the rank of Sho-sa (Major), each is in charge of their own Company. They work at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy together, pushing their students to see who can produce the better class of MechWarrior pilots.

Piloted by Martin Takeda, the Dragon DRG-FLAME boasts the following load out of a Medium Laser, AC/2, LRM 5, and an ER Large Laser. This Mech is a perfect design for those who love to pick off opponents at long range!

Piloted by Donald Takeda, the Dragon DRG-FANG boasts a load out of twoMedium Lasers, an SRM 6, and an AC/10. Clearly a brawler, this Mech is perfect for those pilots who are all about high armor, speed, and getting into the fight.



  • Compared to standard Dragon models, the Flame has downgraded arm and torso stats.

Hero Mech[]

This 'Mech is only available for purchase with MC, costing 4,500 MC. It comes with a unique skin and provides a 30% C-Bill bonus.

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