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Draconis Combine
Draconis Combine
General Overview
Ruling House House Kurita
Faction Successor State
Capital Luthien
Established 2319
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The first full-scale interstellar military operation was launched in 2303, and it eventually led to the formation of the Draconis Combine in 2319. Unlike other Inner Sphere nations, which were formed through the union of already-established alliances of planets, the Draconis Combine owed its birth to one world and the indomitable will of one man: Shiro Kurita. Though Shiro used political wrangling when it suited him, he constructed the Combine mainly by the sword. Raised in strict adherence to the ancient Japanese code of Bushido (the way of the warrior), Shiro spread this philosophy as he expanded his empire. Today, seven centuries after its foundation, the Draconis Combine bears a striking resemblance to Japan of the shogun era, where daimyos—lords—rule their worlds and military districts while their samurai—mostly MechWarriors—enforce their word as law. From highest to lowest, all act for the greater glory of the Draconis Combine and its ruling House Kurita.[1]


Ruled by a military dictatorship, the highest form of office in the Combine is the Coordinator. Also known as The Dragon, both the Combine itself and the position served, the Coordinator rank has been occupied mostly by the Kurita family line.

Within the Combine's political structure worlds are structured around Military and Government Districts. While the names are the same and the areas they control are nearly identical, there are occasional territorial differences between the two.

Typically within the normal day to day a civilian noble will rule, unless an executive decision is required at this point a military leader will send down the Coordinator's instructions to be followed.

Draconis Combine Regions

Mechs/Armed Forces/Equipment[]

Each House and faction have unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others. House Kurita seem to be fond of PPC.

Catapult (Kurita Variant)
Grand Dragon

Player Affiliated Units[]

Draconis Combine affiliated online units;

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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Draconis Combine News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Draconis Combine Feed Archive Notable characters News date
McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) continue their successful raids into the Galedon District of the Draconis Combine. 3048-10-11
Luthien Armor Works’ executives celebrate the final success against the debacle of the Daboku as the first Maulers ship. 3048-10-12
Kanrei Theodore Kurita broke ground on new facilities for the resurrected Kensai Kami program on the planet Bicester. Theodore Kurita 3048-10-19
DCMS authorities remain silent on the status of pirate hunting activities by the 7th Pesht Regulars in the Draconis Rift. 3048-10-23
Wakazashi Enterprises announced today its factory on Schuyler finished its full upgrade to Star League-era technology. 3048-10-29
Recently shipped Maulers receive their baptism of fire against Davion raid; Victory Armaments’ ER lasers peformed well. 3048-11-29
Rasalhaguians love tweaking House Kurita’s proverbial nose by showcasing Överste Knute Kurita’s more outlandish exploits. Knute Kurita 3048-12-04
AFFC officials call “fowl” on planetary governor of Lima blowing the Combine raid of ’46 completely out of proportion. 3048-12-07
Kensai Kami facilities on Bicester reached a new milestone today as the first instructors took up full-time residence. 3048-12-13
Precentor of Dieron, Sharilar Mori, assured citizens that the Hyperpulse Generator station would be back online within 24 hours. Sharilar Mori 3048-12-16
Officials on Quentin vehemently deny reports of “Noonan Vedette” still operating against authorities in the Fire Rift. Noonan Vedette 3048-12-23
Rumors spark on Luthien that Sorenson’s Sabres are field-testing a new, top secret/cutting edge communication suite. 3048-12-29
Rumors of unrest within 3rd Ghost continue to mount; Bureau of Substitution will not comment on biased transfers. 3049-01-05
Despite three additional protests outside headquarters, Seventh Ghost regiment settling into new Byesville post. 3049-01-07
New holodoc purports evidence of secret meeting between current ComStar Primus Waterly and House Kurita in 3034. Myndo Waterly 3049-01-18
Överste Knute Kurita is once more in the news; Rasalhague authorities arrest him on drunk and disorderly charges. Knute Kurita 3049-01-27
Combine authorities seize Indy press publication claiming Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita not assassinated by Snow Fire. Yoguchi Kurita "Snow Fire" 3049-02-10
Capriole Dynamics announced added Dawn Treader Airship construction for expanded luxury cruises on water world Athenry. 3049-02-16
House Kurita lodged a formal complaint against Commonwealth Press’ satire publication of the Dictum Honourium. 3049-02-21
Bureau of Substitution has submitted this year’s names to First Genyosha commander for review and potential acceptance. 3049-03-08
Accusations of un-fair treatment of Arkab Legions by DCMS, despite five centuries of loyal service, surface once more. 3049-03-12
The month-long celebrations of Takashi Kurita’s ascendency to the Combine throne in 3004 have finally ended. Takashi Kurita 3049-03-22
AFFC High Command denies rumors McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) raided Delacruz last month. 3049-03-27
One of the most feared men in the Inner Sphere—Subhash Indrahar, Director of the ISF—recently turned 81. Subhash Indrahar 3049-03-30
Rumors swirl of expose on so-called “Operation Rosebud”; clandestine ComStar op forcing House Kurita to recognize FRR. 3049-04-01
Second Sword of Light outraged at emerging moderates asking the Second Battalion to discontinue displaying Kentares flag. 3049-04-04
Reporters arrested by ISF after attempting to view the classified field-testing of a new Cyclops variant, the CP-11-C. 3049-04-11
Two MechWarriors from Ninth Sun Zhang Academy Cadre die in training accident on Dieron; investigation underway. 3049-04-14
ISF investigating detonation of Gauss rifle during field testing of Yori Mech Works’ new AS7-K Atlas; ’Mech destroyed. 3049-04-16
The first aerospace fighter mass-produced with lostech, other companies are now looking to Wakazashi Enterprises' SL-15R (again). 3049-04-30
The first aerospace fighter mass-produced with lostech, other companies are now looking to Wakazashi Enterprises' SL-15R. 3049-04-30
The DCMS Procurement Department announced the commission of another Lysander Carrier Submarine. 3049-05-24
DC Port Authority on limited strikes; to avoid the massacre of 25 years ago, the CGC are currently under ISF oversight. 3049-05-25
Draconis Combine issues formal request for the re-call of McKinnon’s Raiders (the “Fox’s Teeth”) before conflict escalates. 3049-06-02
Riots occurred as Combine descendants tried to attend the annual Ceremony of Remembrance at the Kentares Memorial. 3049-06-18
Luthien Armor Works in field trials for transforming the DRG-5N Dragon into the new DRG-5K Grand Dragon. 3049-06-30
New Samarkand Metals security summarily executes staff apprehended trying to steal Tempered Samarkite alloy formula. 3049-08-10
Duke of Luthien, Unifier of Worlds, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine, Takashi Kurita blessed our realm 79 years ago. Takashi Kurita 3049-08-18
NAIS attempts to reengineer KTO-20 Kintaro from captured down-graded Combine model; a ComStar “gift” from War of 3039. 3049-09-24