The following model/s have not been confirmed for MechWarrior Online but existed in the BattleTech-Universe as of 3049


The Daboku is a speculated mech due to its mention in an ISN Article.[1]


The Daboku is a forerunner to the Mauler Battlemech. It was rushed into House Kurita service for the war of 3039 and was declared an almost immediate failure due to malfunctions in numerous systems. As a result the Federated Commonwealth managed to capture many of these mechs. The design would be resurrected as the Mauler later by House Kurita.

Although no "official" variants were produced, this is the standard fit of the Daboku which was considered a dismal failure, due to the numerous failings in the design and chassis, most notably the CASE system. Many of these mechs fell into FedCom hands in the fourth succession war. Despite its shortcomings, this template would soon be resurrected as the successful Mauler.


The Daboku is indeed the forerunner to the Mauler but it has numerous design flaws. Its uncertain if the mech will be in game as it most definitely will be overshadowed by the Mauler. Then again it could make an interesting assault mech to find on the scrapheap and give any unit good firepower despite its apparent design faults.

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