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These 'Mechs are unconfirmed as of right now, but have been either mentioned, hinted at, or displayed in some sort of artwork by the developers.

InnerSphere[edit | edit source]

  • Spector - The Spector was hinted at in this ISN news flash: Fri. Nov 4, 3048: Despite continued denials, investigative reporter Jan Kar says she has proof the MAC are using Star League-era Spectors.
  • Devastator - The Devastator, which has been hinted at twice in the ISN news feeds, is a 100 ton assault mech sporting dual PPCs and Gauss Rifles as well as an array of medium lasers.
  • Tempest - The Tempest is a new 65 ton Free Worlds League 'Mech which employs several new technologies. It was mentioned in the Dec 30, 3048 ISN News Update.
  • Mercury - July 7. 3049: Com Guards salvage MCY-97 Mercury after a training accident sends the high-speed ’Mech careening into housing project.

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