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This article is a stub. Information on this page is largely based on what exists in the BattleTech universe circa 3049, but other than having been announced as being included in the game, has not been detailed by the developers. Please add any information that might be relevant to this unit or faction as of 3049.


A mercenary is a person who does not have an alliance with any particular faction. Mercenaries tend to concern themselves with net gain over the ideals of a given government.

The meta game

Mercenary Corporations are player run groups which compete against one another for control of the boarder worlds. Merc Corps compete against one another through a contract system provided by the House. The Merc Corp with the highest bid at the end of the blind auction plays a series of matches against the defending Merc Corp for the occupation rights of the planet. Ownership of a planet provides a substantial bonus to the owners. Each Mercenary Corporation also earns Loyalty Points (LP) for assisting a certain faction. If a player is inactive for an extended period of time the LP will begin to diminish until they reach their neutral value.

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