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This category is for content related to [[mercenary|mercenaries]].
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A '''Mercenary''' is a person who does not have an alliance with any particular [[Faction]]. Mercenaries tend to concern themselves with net gain over the ideals of a given government.
==The Meta Game==
'''Mercenary Corporations''' are player run groups which compete against one another for control of the border worlds. '''Merc Corps''' compete against one another through a contract system provided by the [[Great Houses]]. The ''Merc Corp'' with the highest bid at the end of the blind auction plays a series of matches against the defending ''Merc Corp'' for the occupation rights of the planet. Ownership of a planet provides a substantial bonus to the owners. Each ''Mercenary Corporation'' also earns '''Loyalty Points (LP)''' for assisting a certain ''Faction''. If a player is inactive for an extended period of time the ''LP'' will begin to diminish until they reach their neutral value.

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This category is for content related to mercenaries.

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