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Acronym for '''Long Range Missile'''
'''Long Range Missile(s)''' are ''semi-guided''<ref name="BT">A trade-off between gameplay and staying true to the BattleTech canon. The chance of missing is part of ''LRM'' gameplay.</ref>, that means they are NOT fire-and-forget. They will lock on to the target, but that doesn't mean the actual missiles will home directly to it. After being fired, they use their minimum range to gain altitude, arm and ''curve'' to the target which needs to be ''active'' until impact.
*Use of the [[Artemis IV FCS]] and subsequent ammunitions, will narrow the [[AOE]] by focusing the flight paths of the missiles.
*[[Target Acquisition Gear (TAG)|Target Aquisition Gear]] or [[NARC Beacon]] helps too
[[Category:Missile Weapons]]
[[Category:Missile Weapons]]

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