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Assault 'Mechs are the heaviest class of BattleMech in Classic BattleTech, weighing in between 80 and 100 tons. Some of these huge 'Mechs can mount weapons and armor of a greater tonnage than some entire medium 'Mechs. The trade-off is in speed and maneuverability, as assault 'Mechs are generally very slow.

These 'Mechs are often used as command units, heavy assault platforms and heavy fire-support. Some common Inner Sphere command 'Mechs are the BattleMaster and Cyclops, which both have above average electronics while maintaining heavy weapon payloads. Clan assault 'Mechs are the most fearsome weapons in the entire BattleTech universe, and include the Warhawk (Masakari) and Dire Wolf (Daishi).


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