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Capellan Confederation
Capellan Confederation
General Overview
Ruling House House Liao
Faction Successor State
Capital Liao
Established 2376
Inner Sphere 3048 thumb.png
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The Capellan Confederation is a survivor, thanks to its greatest asset — its people. A Capellan citizen sees it as his or her duty to serve the nation first and himself second; individual rights are therefore subordinate to the needs of the state. Regarded as repressive by most other Successor States and smaller political entities, this simple trait has allowed the Capellan nation to survive and prosper even after the Federated Commonwealth broke its back in the Fourth Succession War. As always, adversity merely strengthens the Capellan Confederation. Despite what some realms regard as "repressive", individuals are encouraged to better themselves and may marry into a higher caste or qualify for one on their own merits. The only real bias in the Confederation is a favorable disposition toward those citizens who embrace their nation's rich cultural heritage. The Capellan legacy extends back centuries further than that of other Great Houses, having its roots in the ancient heritage of the Han (Chinese) people of Terra.[1]


Capellan Confederation is currently under the Treaty of Capteyn, which makes it an ally of House Marik and House Kurita.

It is openly hostile towards House Davion, but they aren't at war right now.

Capellan Confederation Regions


Each House and faction have unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others.

Locust (Unseen)
Stinger (Unseen)
Wasp (Unseen)
Blackjack (St.Ives)
Phoenix Hawk (Unseen) (St.Ives)
Archer (Unseen)
Victor (St.Ives)

Player Affiliated Units[]

Capellan Confederation affiliated online units;

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ISN News Updates[]

This is an archive of all the Capellan Confederation News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

Capellan Confederation Feed Archive Notable characters News date
All the Confederation celebrates service to the State this day in honor of the ennoblement of Mandrinn Alana Morgaine. Mandrinn Alana Morgaine 3048-10-09
Duchess Candace Liao delivered her usual monthly address calling for the removal of her sister, Chancellor Romano Liao. Candace Liao Romano Liao 3048-10-18
Ceres Metals announced field testing of the Apple Churchill 2000 sensor suite, which synchs with the Beagle Active Probe. 3048-11-14
Reporter Kori Chiang, who recently published an article in Underground Sian, “Is the Sixth MAC real?”, has gone missing. Kori Chiang 3048-12-28
An investigation is underway after a 2nd CRC Meteor crashed within city limits, igniting a blaze that claimed a dozen lives. 3049-01-13
Liao Warrior Houses simultaneously celebrated 185 years of defending the Capellan Confederation. 3049-01-16
“Star League Technology Resurgence: Legacy of the Helm Memory Core” is hot seller despite ComStar interference. 3049-01-19
Duchess Candace's monthly address calling for the removal of her sister, Chancellor Romano Liao, particularly impassioned. Candace Liao Romano Liao 3049-02-04
Capella citizens voice concern over newly launched powersat’s high-density microwave power transmission into city center. 3049-02-17
House Liao holds FedCom man captive; allegedly an MI agent working with Tormana Liao to overthrow government. Tormana Liao 3049-03-03
Restoration of priceless tapestry of ratification of Articles of Confederation, in Hall of Celestial Wisdom, begins. 3049-03-07
House Liao honors The Red Lancers’ (re-named such by Chancellor Jasmine Liao in 2452) six centuries of staunch service. Jasmine Liao 3049-04-06
Free Worlds Central Bank files yearly complaint against the Capella Commonality Bank citing unfair trading practices. 3049-04-11
Kardhor family earns Sheng title through service to Capellan State; unlocking laser lostech through Firmir Commercial. 3049-04-13
Rumors swirl that Bithinian Ballistics' CEO in negotiations with Federated Suns-based Myrdon Automatic Weaponry. 3049-04-26
Even Ceres Metals Industries is not immune from the Maskirovka as its headquarters were raided for “unspecified reasons.” 3049-05-08
A Warrior House petition to the Chancellor calls for the “removal of the stain” of the Quarterly Games on Westerhand. 3049-05-14
“The Twenty-three Pillars of Heaven,” chronicling the Confederation’s Chancellors, publishes as instant bestseller. 3049-05-18
Wei government once more denounces rumors—started before the Fourth War—they’re harboring a cache of ancient nerve gas. 3049-05-26
Animal rights activists seek to prove illegal Death Commando ritual involving the hunt of Grand Base Great Crocodiles. 3049-06-04
Nobles out in droves on Ingersoll supporting favorite artists as Universal Exhibition kicks off its week-long showcase. 3049-06-17
Celebrations ring throughout the hundreds worlds of the Capellan Confederation as Sun-Tzu Liao turns 18. 3049-08-09
After the successful test of its Arrow artillery system last year, Confederation unveils the CPLT-C3 Catapult. 3049-08-11
Secret “Death Commandos formation” rite supposedly underway; Chancellor rumored to attend honoring 6 decades of service. 3049-08-13
Alisander Dunbar, son of Lady Mariette Dunbar of Ares, has disappeared; rumors suggest Maskirovka connections. Alisander Dunbar Mariette Dunbar 3049-09-03
An investigation of the explosion at Maskirovka installation on Courage naval base at Ward ruled accidental. 3049-09-26
Group arrested on Capella after accusations against government of revisionist history for non-Liao Chancellors. 3049-09-30
A small group of advocates celebrate the 211th anniversary of the defense of Carver V by the much-maligned UrbanMech. 3049-10-04