MechWarrior Online Wiki
Equipment Overview
C-Ultra AC/2 
Tech Base: Clan 
Equipment Type: Ballistic Weapon 
Tonnage: 5 tons
Ammo per Ton: 75 
Critical Slots: 2  
Item Health: 7.5  
Cost: Cbill.png 240,000  
Sell: Cbill.png 120,000  
Equipment Specifications
Recycle: 0.72
DPS: 2.78
Heat: 0.8
HPS: 1.11
Range: 810m 
Maximum Range: 1620m
Projectile Velocity: 2000




C-Ultra AC/2 is clan ballistic weapon. It fires single projectile and is able to fire again before cycle ends at risk of jamming, similar to Ultra AC/5 of Inner Sphere.


Ultra AC/5 Only ultra autocannon of Inner Sphere

C-AC/2 Single firing version.


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