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Equipment Overview
Clan Long Range Missile 10 
Tech Base: Clan 
Equipment Type: Missile Weapon 
Tonnage: 2.5 tons
Ammo per Ton: 180 (12 salvos) 
Critical Slots: 1  
Item Health: 10  
Cost: Cbill.png 200,000  
Sell: Cbill.png 100,000  
Equipment Specifications
Recycle: 4
Damage: 10 
DPS: 2.5
Heat: 4
HPS: 1
Minimum Range: 0-180m
Range: ~180 - 1000m 
Maximum Range: 1000m
Projectile Velocity: 160
Impulse: 0.15
Cockpit Shake: 1.5
Heat Scaling: 3




At 2.5 tons, the C-LRM 10 is the third largest of the Clan Long Range Missile family. Its indirect fire allows support 'Mechs to pummel the enemy from a safe distance. The C-LRM 10 is capable of heavy damage at range but the large number of missiles fired at once means ammunition shortages can be fairly common. An LRM's minimum range is 180m, below which the damage decreases to nearly nothing at point blank range. The C-LRM 10 is also subject to Heat Scaling.


While ECM makes the effective use of LRMs slightly more difficult, it is possible. If you are alone with an ECM equipped foe, staying within 181 and 200m will allow you to use your weapons with lock. If you have a TAG spotter, as long as they are at least 181m from the target and maintain the tag on the target, you will have your target. If you have a PPC spotter, you have your target as long as they keep the ECM disabled.

IS Comparison[]

Clan LRMs have several differences from their Inner Sphere counterparts.

  • They fire in a stream rather in groups of however many missiles there are tubes for.
  • Clan LRMs will still do damage even if the target is within the 180 meter minimum range. However, damage decreases as the target get nearer.
  • Clan LRMs do more damage per missile and generate more heat.
  • Clan LRMs also require fewer Critical Slots and weigh less.



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