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Betty is your 'Mech's onboard computer, that will speak to tell you about status and events of your 'Mech.

  • Betty's volume is controlled by the Dialog Volume slider in the options menu.
  • Betty can be muted (why ever one should desire this) in the local drive:\game directory\ user.cfg:
gp_mech_sound_system_disable_bitchinbetty = 1

Betty v 1.0[1]

'She' tells you when:

  • a location on your 'Mech is critically damaged
  • a location on your 'Mech has been destroyed
  • a weapon has been destroyed
  • a weapon's ammo is at 25%
  • a weapon's ammo is depleted
  • a weapon's ammo is destroyed
  • a Heat Sink has been destroyed
  • Jump Jet fuel is at 25%
  • Jump Jet fuel is empty
  • your 'Mech is out of bounds
  • your heat level is critical
  • your 'Mech has shutdown
  • you have overridden shutdown
  • your base is being captured
  • the enemy base is being captured
  • you target an enemy 'Mech
  • you switch to target a different enemy 'Mech