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This page is about the Battlemap (or Battlegrid, Grid) and the Lance Commander.

A small version of the Battlemap can be found in the HUD of the Cockpit, which comes with some differences.
A comprehensive overview to the different playable maps can be found at Maps.

Note, there's no need to be equipped with a Command Console to call the grid or become a Lance Commander.

Battlemap[edit | edit source]

Battlegrid 1.png

Battlegrid instr 2.png Key-'B' (default) will toggle the Battlegrid, which is dominated by a central map of the actual battlezone. If the grid is active, only battlegrid related functions are available! (note2self: do i lose control? mouse still moves upper torso, what about speed/left/right? nevertheless, mousebuttons and 'i' are reassigned - what if 'b' is reassigned, which key will work?)

The map shows:

Battlmap Sectors.png
  • Starting point of (2) your lance, team blue, and (3) the enemy, team red.
  • Location and heading of your lance's units (whereas your own 'Mech is highlighted yellow) within the map.
  • Alpha-numeric sections, the socalled Battlegrid, giving each spot on the map coordinates to roughly locate it fast.
  • Commands (4) of the Lance Commander.

Top left of the map holds the Take command button.png button and your rang (right now empty = regular unit; more: Lance Commander).

Top right of the map is a short instruction on the commands available to the Lance Commander.

Along the bottomside goes an overview on all available actions that can be taken, as described below.

Zoom & Pan[edit | edit source]

Battlegrid 2.png

Battlegrid instr 1.png Hold right mouse-button and move mouse to shift map, scroll mouse-wheel to zoom it.

Intel Gathering[edit | edit source]

Battlegrid 3.png

Battlegrid instr 3.png Key-'I' toggles information about lancemates name and health, similar to 'Q' from cockpit view.

Battlegrid instr 7.png

Lance Commander[edit | edit source]

Battlegrid 4.png

Take Command

Upper left corner is the Take command button.png button, which, if succesfully activated, makes you lance Commander.png and extends the functional range of the mouse.

Resign Command

If the command of the lance is successfully taken Resign Commander.png shows up.

Lance Commander
Battlegrid 5.png

A Lance Commander can left-click to Battlegrid instr 4.png sequence at the designated spot of the map.

Upper right corner holds a cheat sheet on commands available to the Commander:

Commands - Top.png (no use to click on it, commands are issued directly on the map!)

A command is activated and issued to all lance units by left clicking on the map and chosing a command from the popup, at which a new waypoint is created, that shows the assigned command.

Lance units will have a new waypoint on their heading tape (similar to Capture Points). This allows team mates to easily orient themselves towards the new command waypoint.

Lance Commander's messages are highlighted in chat: Commanders Text.png

temporary sandbox on overlay

Battlegrid 1.png12345