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General Overview[]

Standard Autocannons[]

The Autocannon is a self-reloading direct-fire ballistic weapon. They are grouped into various classes with the Autocannon 20 at the short-range end and the Autocannon 2 at the long-ranged end. Autocannons are more heat efficient than energy weapons but are heavier and ammunition dependent. The number in the autocannons description indicates the damage caused by a hit within effective range, and like all ballistic weapons autocannon's have longer non-effective ranges able to cause reduced damage out to three times their effective range.

Advanced Autocannons[]

The Ultra Autocannon 5 and the LB 10-X Autocannon are currently the only two advanced autocannons implemented in MWO although others may become available with the introduction of the Clans.


"Autocannons" as plural is preferred to maintain the same rules of plurality for all weapon types.