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Equipment Overview
Anti Missile System 
Tech Base: Inner Sphere 
Equipment Type: Electronics 
Tonnage: 0.5 tons
Ammo per Ton: 2000 
Critical Slots: 1  
Equipment Specifications
Recycle: 0.033
Damage: 3.5 
DPS: 106.06
Range: 200 




An Anti Missile System is used to destroy missiles before they strike their target. This is accomplished by using a short ranged rapid firing weapon which shoots at the missiles. Allied AMS will work together to shoot down the same missiles but will prioritize the missiles that are locked onto you.

Quick Facts[]

  • Enemy LRM's are targeted and shot down in a 360' zone at 240 meters.
  • All friendly AMS coordinate to protect ALL nearby friendly units (two 'Mechs standing near each other protect each other, 3 or 4 nearby can easily defend against large LRM volleys).
  • In addition to the 1 critical slot and weight (0.5 t) of the AMS, ammunition takes 1 additional critical slot for every ton of ammunition.
  • Does 3.5 damage per second to missiles. (Boosted to 6.0 damage per second if using the AMS Overload module)
  • All missiles have 1 hitpoint, except the NARC, which has 2.
  • The range of the AMS is 120m optimal 240m max.
  • Works against all missiles including the LRM, SRM, SSRM, and Narc.
  • The AMS will destroy a normal missile in 9 shots and a NARC in 18 shots.
  • The AMS fires 30 shots a second, and locks on to a new missile once the current one is destroyed. (Confirmed by of Bobby Jubraj Pirhanna Games)

Theory of Operations[]

VS Long Range Missiles[]

If a LRM is moving towards you at a speed of 120m per second and you are standing still, it will take them 1.67 seconds to reach you once they are with in range of the AMS. In that time, the AMS will lock onto and destroy 3 missiles, expending 27 ammo to do so. In this case seven Allied AMS would be able to shoot down a LRM20 volley.

It makes no difference whether four LRM 5s or a single LRM 20 is fired at you. Missiles that are fired in a series of volleys will give AMS more time to destroy more missiles. If you are running away from the LRM launcher, your AMS will have more time to destroy incoming missiles. If a LRM is moving at 120m / sec at and you are stationary, the AMS will ideally shoot down 3 LRMs in that volley. Therefore, 7 Allied AMS should be able to shoot down an entire LRM20 volley.

VS Short Range Missiles[]

Since SRMs move at a rate of 300m per second, the AMS system will only have time to lock onto and destroy 1 missile if you are standing still. Moving away from the SRM launcher will potentially give your AMS system a chance to destroy 2 missiles.

VS Streak Short Range Missiles[]

SSRMs move at a rate of 200m per second. The AMS system is just barely able to destroy 1 SSRM volley before it connects, provided you're standing still.


NARC missiles move at a speed of 250m per second, which means the NARC will cover the 200m range of the AMS system in 0.8 seconds. This gives the AMS enough time to fire 24 shots, more than the 18 required to destroy the NARC. [3]

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